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Buchaechum was created in 1954 by dancer Kim Baek-bong, who drew influences from both Korean shamanic ritual dances and traditional Joseon court and folk dances. Performances. This dance is performed at many celebrations and events in Korea, and has become popular worldwide FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM : Chingywal Categories: Hobbies and Activities. If you want to know how to say dance in Korean, you will find the translation here. We hope this will help you to understand Korean better. Here is the translation and the Korean word for dance: 댄스. [daenseu Korean traditional dance originated in ancient shamanistic rituals thousands of years ago. By the time of the later Korean kingdoms, Goryeo and Joseon, in the 2nd millennium AD, Korean traditional dance benefited from regular support of the royal court, numerous academies, and even an official ministry of the government. A number of different dances gained permanent high status, including the. I miss taking class in Korea MUSIC:hey jude - weirddoughlalala - weirddoughINSTAGRAM: @soobysoob DANCE IG: @soobchoobBusiness Inquiries: 98sbae@gmail.co

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  1. g Seongsoo neighborhood, the 4-story studio provides all-around services related to dance from group classes to private lessons. Experience the joy of dancing with the leading choreographers in Korea. 1 Million KPOP Dance Class. 1 Million Studio 2nd Floor
  2. g and very precise movements. However, the movements themselves evoke natural phenomena, from the color and fringes of the peony-colored fans, to the many formations that recall bloo
  3. I Learned Salsa Dancing in South Korea. Famous for its temples and mountains, I never expected to learn salsa dancing in South Korea. Strolling through seongnam dong or old downtown in Ulsan, South Korea, there was the usual sound of cutesy K-Pop, the smell of bulgogi, and the sights of themed karaoke rooms. From afar, I heard conga drums
  4. Types of Korean Folk Dance. Generally speaking, there are two forms of folk dance in Korea: shamanic dances that were created and performed in the villages during festivals and religious holidays, and court dances, which were created and refined chiefly during the half-century of the Joseon Dynasty

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  1. dance translations: 춤추다, 춤추기, 춤, 무용, 무도회. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary
  2. ation, and Korean Dance Group Waveya Meets Dvorak's Symphony no 9 Allegro Con Fuoco.This article stands to reaffirm the growth of dance culture within Korea as well as demonstrate the proficiency of those that practice dance regularly
  3. Studio Dragon. During the first few months of 2021, actor Song Kang starred in three very different Korean dramas. He plays a shy student, who bravely battles monsters in the horror drama Sweet.
  4. dancing translate: 춤추기. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary
  5. In the past, Korean dance was intimately rooted in people's everyday lives, and the ideas that governed everyday life in turn greatly impacted the form and content of dance. However, with the turn of the modern era, Korea began to adopt Western culture, and dance was no exception
  6. In the past, Korean dance was intimately rooted in people's everyday lives, and the ideas that governed everyday life in turn greatly impacted the form and content of dance. However, with the turn of the modern era, Korea began to adopt Western culture, and dance was no exception. Korean dance moved from its traditional stage of outdoor.

These 3 demonstrate how Korean dancers love to create a new style of the dance as a part of the evolution of the Lindy hop. Team AJC is a Lindy Hop dance troupe led by Andy Seo who is a Lindy Hop and vernacular jazz dancer, teacher, choreographer and performer based in Seoul, Korea. With dynamic, groovy, and full of character, Andy is one of. The Costumes. The outfit worn by the women dancing Geommu is similar to other traditional Korean dances, with long, colorful robes (the hanbok) fastened with a belt (jeon-dai) and a militaristic hat.The costume is modeled after the soldier's uniform during the Joseon Dynasty, but the colors of the hanbok may vary depending on the region the dancers come from A modern traditional korean dance The Janggo Dance is a very energetic and rhythmic dance. The drums, called janggo, are double-headed and shaped like an hour glass. The janggo is played by striking the skin with the palm on the left side and with a bamboo drumstick on the right. Dancers dance while beating the drum strapped to their bodies. In.

Dancing 9 (Korean: 댄싱9) is a South Korean dance survival program by Mnet. 18 contestants are divided into two teams, Blue Eye and Red Wings with 9 members each.A live performance each week where the two teams perform will determine the winner. A prize of 100 million won will be given to the winning team with 300 million won worth of support for dance performances Line Dance Queen Kore Dance Joa has two different branches in Seoul: Gangnam and Guro Digital Complex Station. They are also one of the few dance studios of Korea that has a branch located in L.A. Dance Joa was featured in the famous variety program called 한국은 처음이지 (It's Your First Time in Korea, Right?), teaching foreigners in the program to dance to K-pop songs Korean traditional dance has a rich history of culture and storytelling that continues today in many parts of the country. From ancient folk dancing to modern dance styles, the Korean people have long celebrated dance as part of their cultural heritage

Translation for 'dance' in the free English-Korean dictionary and many other Korean translations of the Korean cultural genres called the The Hahoe mask dance is a performance which is an intangible cultural property. This has become a serious issue, since these kinds of performances depend on successors' dancing and telling the stories by word of mouth and passing them down to each generation. Therefore, Korean organization JP Dance. 4:04. A Pink [에이핑크] (エーピンク) - LUV (Korean Ver.+Japanese Ver.+Dance Feat.Ver.) 핑크달랑. JP Dance. 3:16. 섹시한 여학생 - Korean and Japanese High School Girls Dancing and Having Some Fun. Japanese Pranks. 6:54. Compilation of Korean and Japanese High School Girls Dancing and Having Some Fun 3:44. Korean girls Angela and Nikki Sexxyyy dance video. Korean Sexxyyy Video. 0:56. N. Korea to cut off all inter-Korean communication routes from noon, Korea time. Arirang News. 0:58. Access to S. Korean web portal Daum cut off by China after Naver blocked last year. Arirang News

A K-pop and dance-pop song, the term Gangnam Style is a Korean neologism that refers to a lifestyle associated with the Gangnam District of Seoul. The song received mixed reviews, with praise for its catchy beat and Psy's amusing dancing (which has itself become a phenomenon) in the music video and during live performances in various. The studio was expansive, owned by an American man and his Korean wife. He'd began his dancing career teaching at Arthur Murray studios (just like Johnny in Dirty Dancing!), and had met his wife when he came to Korea years ago to teach. Even in his thirties, his face was deeply scarred with old acne marks, but when he danced with you he was. The club comes to life on Fridays and Saturdays with an amazing crowd entertained by Korean dancers and performers. Different Levels with Choice of Hip-Hop and House Music: The club features various rooms all with their own themes and music, you could enter one room and enjoy EDM beats and pop into the other room to find hip hop music blaring. Dancing High. (2018) The upcoming variety show will be the first program in Korea that will feature contestants from the age of 10 to 19. It's been described as the first Korean variety show that aims to find the best dancers in this age range. Lee Gikwang, Hoya (Lee Howon), and Lee Seung Hoon will be joining Just Jerk and Lia Kim as dance. Dancing in Korea. Dancing in Korea. July 22, 2013. By: Romar Chuca. share this. Everything about my experience was life changing for me. I gained new friends, new connections and had a new found faith in my spiritual existence through these 2 weeks

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Korea National University of Arts encompasses all disciplines of arts including music, dance, theatre, film, TV, animation, fine art, design, architecture, and Korean traditional arts. Learn more. 1MILLION Dance Studio Profile and Facts. 1MILLION Dance Studio is a dance school in Seoul, South Korea. The instructors of 1MILLION have choreographed for K-Pop artists such as Jay Park, Girl's Generation, 2NE1, GOT7, HyunA, EVERGLOW, MAMAMOO, etc. - She was born in Montreal, Canada. - She speaks English and Korean 5. Find a learning style that works best for you. In K-pop dance, learning styles can differ greatly but no one style trumps another. Most people would first slow down choreography videos, usually at 0.5x, 0.75x, and 0.9x, when learning. After this step, three variables determine your learning style Pretty Cute Asian Girl: Sexy Korean Dancing to Rihanna. this video of a sexy korean girl dancing. Kim Ok-bin (born in 1986) named the Korean Beyonce due to her dance skills is an actress and model who was voted Hottie of the year 2006 by M-net. When she won the honor of being the co-host for the annual M-net music festival, as a Lady, she was. JP Dance. 3:54. Compilation of Korean and Japanese High School Girls Dancing and Having Some Fun new. JP Dance. 6:54. Compilation of Korean and Japanese High School Girls Dancing and Having Some Fun. JP Dance. 2:08. Amazing Dancing by esxy girls having fun _ China Town London _ street entertainers

dance translate: 춤추다, 춤추기, 춤, 무용, 무도회. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Korean Dictionary Many Korean restaurants serve dishes made for two people (which is why some places turn single diners away). The popular Korean dessert bingsu almost always comes in an enormous, towering bowl, and sharing a bowl of bingsu is a popular date activity. It's normal for couples to share a milkshake or frappuchino in cafes as well Dancing in South Korea in the earlier times was restricted to performances in religious ceremonies only, which gradually took became wider and Korea now boasts of many forms of dances. Traditional Korean Dance may be divided into court dance, folk dance, ceremonial dances and the dances meant for amusement. Each have their own distinctive feature Please find below many ways to say dance in different languages. This is the translation of the word dance to over 100 other languages. Saying dance in European Languages. Saying dance in Asian Languages. Saying dance in Middle-Eastern Languages. Saying dance in African Languages. Saying dance in Austronesian Languages The Korean Cultural Center Washington, D.C. (KCCDC) proudly presents the second release in the K-Dance NOW series: a cinematic video production of Beyond Black by the esteemed Korea National.

A Korean woman dressed in a traditional folk dancing costume prepares for her performance during the annual Air Power Day at Osan Air Base, Republic of Korea, Oct 071007-F-VE752-124.jp South Korea - South Korea - Daily life and social customs: The once-dominant Confucian culture—with its emphasis on respect for ancestors, age, and seniority—continues to influence Korean family, work, and social life, albeit to a lesser degree than in the past. In addition to other factors, such as economic status and position in a business hierarchy, age and marital status are among the. Choi Seung-Hee, a legend of Korean modern dance Mr. Jung Sung-gil, collector of more than 3,000 photo negatives of Korean history and culture from 1876 to 1970, exhibited recently a few original pictures of Choi Seung-Hee (Nov 24, 1911 - Aug 8, 1969), a leading Korean modern dancer. Choi Seung-Hee, born into a yangban-class family in Seoul, Korea, during the Japanese occupation, was also. How teens train for K-pop fame in South Korea's star factories. SUWON, South Korea -- After Jeun So-jung closes her books at the end of the school day in notoriously hard-studying South Korea. Dancing King is a song by South Korean comedian Yoo Jae-suk and South Korean-Chinese boy band Exo. The song is a part of SM Station and is a collaboration single for the variety show Infinite Challenge. It was released digitally on September 17, 2016, by SM Entertainment

Koreaboo. August 12th, 2020. ARMYs might sometimes feel like they're attacked and judged for liking and listening to BTS, but recently, three soldiers from North Korea found themselves facing serious repercussions for dancing to the boy group's music. On the night of August 5, it was reported that the three young soldiers, all in their 20s. MIT and Harvard engineers designed a face mask that can diagnose Covid-19 within about 90 minutes. Boston Dynamics' robot dog Spot challenged Korean boy band BTS to a dance-off. Athletic. Korean K-pop dance choreography is no joke. Professional choreographers are sought out all over the world to choreograph dances with the right hooks and visuals to make the song stand out. K-pop is serious business where the music and lyrics often revolve around the choreography. I was referring to dance-able music and not Korean ballads, which. Dancing Towers, a project that is part of the new Yongsan International Business District YIBD development in Seoul, is a mixed used development that consists of three 41 story residential towers, (a total of 834 total residential units) with amenities, retail, parking and a connecting commercial podium base

Are you thinking of studying Theatre & Dance, abroad? Below you can find the most popular universities and programmes to study Theatre & Dance in Seoul, South Korea. This list is based on visitors on the Studyportals websites, listing more than 150,000 English-taught Bachelor's and Master's programmes world-wide Gorilla Dance | Jukjeon. Founded and based around street style dance, Gorilla Dance Academy is the home studio for Gorilla Dance Crew Korea. The crew is most known for their incredibly agile B-Boy members and sucesses in freestyle competition, so B-boy, popping, and house style class have some of the best instructors around All of the instructors have incredible backgrounds in dance. The studio is called Seoul Tanz Station and it is located at Sinchon (green line next to Hongik University) exit 4. Walk straight for about 5 minutes and you will see a big building on your left with a movie theater. Go in that building and use the elevator to get to the 13th floor Korean dance. Originally, dances in Korea were formed as a part of shamanistic rituals, an impressive five thousand years ago. Over time and the different dynasties, varieties of folk dances have evolved from these ritualistic dances. There were more than 12 types of dances that were popular to perform in the court in front of royals, for example Manners and Culture in Korea for Meeting New People in Korea. It's good to go over a couple of points on the manners and culture in Korea first. After you've learned them, we'll get started on how to introduce yourself in Korean! 1. Before anything else, greet them by saying 안녕하세요 (annyeonghaseyo)

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the epitome of Korean dance, from Kim Mok-hwa; and court dance from Kim Ch 'on-hung, a dancer recognized by the Korean government for his traditional dance knowledge and ability. In 1983 Halla. Huhm was invited to return to Korea as an Assistant Professor in the Dance Department of Chonruu University of Education.. Korean Hand Drum Dance. This is a Korean dance called the hand drum dance. Dance and music has long been part of the Korean culture. Drums and singing have been a part of Korean music that goes back thousands of years. Dance in Korea originated from ancient Shamanistic rituals. Some Korean dances are traditionally performed by women, others by. Beyond Black by Korea National Contemporary Dance Company. Photograph: Aidan Hwang. For a wider view on what's happening in Korean dance, there's a collection of six short films. I liked. Find 1 listings related to Gina Kim Korean Dance Studio in Las Vegas on YP.com. See reviews, photos, directions, phone numbers and more for Gina Kim Korean Dance Studio locations in Las Vegas, NV

The dance reaches a climax with the dancers forming a large fluttering flower that appears to rotate. Military Drill Dance (Hullyongmu) 8 minutes/ 8 dancers Reconstruction: Chong Jin-Wook This work was created in the 1930's by Han Sung-Joon, who is considered to be the father of modern Korean dance Korean Dance and Music. Korean traditional dance and music are magnificent examples of how the common people through the ages have influenced Korean performing arts. Blending a wide range of emotions in a single vocal or dance performance illustrates the emotive depth and breadth of the Korean people. Created by and performed for the grassroots. Swing Dancing in Korea - Holy Kimchi! September 28, 2010. Pop by and check out more of our Blog Posts here. Lindy Hop in Korea is a force to be reckoned with. Wow. Last night I had a pretty spectacular night of social dancing and it was just a normal Monday night of Lindy Hop in Seoul. Well, maybe a normal Monday night for one of the biggest. We found 456 results for Korean Dance Companies in or near Miami, FL. They also appear in other related business categories including Dance Companies , Dance Clubs , and Dancing Supplies . The businesses listed also serve surrounding cities and neighborhoods including Miami FL , Hialeah FL , and Miami Beach FL 12:30. Top 50 The Best K-POP Girl Group Dances - Cute Korean Girl Group Dances. Khanhn6789. 3:07. AOA-Mini Skirt [Korean Cover Dance 2014] FREE MOVIE SERIES. 2:30. Subin mini skirt super hot dance! Hot Korean Kpop Girl Fancam

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A video that was recently posted by the UTP Performing Arts Group (UPAG) showing of a group of Universiti Teknologi Petronas (UTP) students performing the Zapin dance in South Korea in 2018, has gained the attention of many netizens.. @upag_utp. Reply to @nrlhidyh21 Zapin Dance To Korea #cheonankorea #foryou #fyp #UPAGUTP #traditionaldance #tiktokmalaysia #malaysi 주소 : 9930 S. Capitol Dr. Wheeling, IL 60090. 전화 : 630-803-5044. E-mail : chicagokdc@gmail.co German dance icon Pina Bausch met Ong in 2000 when she visited the National Dance Company of Korea to learn about Korean traditional dance themes and costumes. She invited the company to her Ein Fest in Wuppertal Tanz Theater Pina Bausch, where they performed and provided lessons for Bausch's dancers

The literal translation of the Korean words gamseong jujeom is 'emotional pub.' They are equipped with a dance floor, and they play music from the past. You can listen to pop music from the late 1990s to the early 2000s in these pubs. Guests can sit and enjoy a drink or dance to the beats of music, or even sing along to songs Payment options such as monthly installment will be as per Kakao Pay guidelines. Please refer to Kakao Pay and your card issuer for details South Korea culture - the traditional Suwon Dance is a traditional Korean dance that was performed during the planting and harvesting seasons. In modern day South Korea, it is now performed during festivals and special village holidays. The Suwon Dance or the otherwise known as The Farmers Dance is thought to have originated in the for more general swing dancing information in Korea. Hello, this is Adamas and it is my nick name in Korean swing dance scene. Mostly Korean dancers use a nick name, because. swing dance clubs are based on online communities. My real name is 'KIM, Kang Seok' and it sounds like [gim, gaŋ sʌk] just in case. This site is for giving information. History of Korean Court Dance. The Korean word for this art is cheongjae, which means display of talent.The dance was very popular in the courts from the tenth through the fourteenth century, but since that time much has been lost in terms of choreography. Only about fifty dances are still performed, and only a single one of these, the Ch'unaengjon or Nightingale-Dance has precisely.

Saving the world with Kpop and dance since 2018, StarFire is a Kpop dance team located in Central Florida! We have been chosen to perform and compete at many events including Orlando Korea Festival, Holiday Matsuri, Metrocon and NC Koreafest!. I'm 18 and from Hampton, Va (shout out to the 757). I've been cover dancing for about four years. Knetz are wondering why Sexy Dance is trending, saying Seems like the neighboring group (ATEEZ) are having a good time during quarantine. They're doing challenges, sexy dance, and even writing name with butts. So the group who made this trend are the Utopia pirate people? — va (@vasilissaadair) July 17, 202 90's Best Korean Dance Music - YouTube Musi The summer dance program includes intensives in contemporary dance, classical ballet and Broadway commercial dance, three professional development programs and a choreographic residency. Participate in the Festival of North Carolina Dance or the year-long Emerging Choreographers program for that extra resume glitz

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Dance Class Details. To book your spot into one of Real Kpop Dance Studio's classes, you just need to book via Klook for a discounted rate. Cost: ₩50,000 South Korean won. Duration: 1.5 hours. Start Time: 1:00PM. Operation Days: Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays only. Inclusions: Kpop dance class lesson Dance and performance has always been a staple in Korean culture. However, Hyun Joo Kang is changing the cultural landscape by introducing pole dancing and aerial silk to South Korea at JK Dance. Not only is she offering a unique way to stay fit, her dance studios are a place for people of differen Korean dance and performing is developing day by day. It has begun from the palace to the modern Korean Pop, which is known as K-Pop. Even this performing art is shaping a new culture in Korea and making Korea international famous. In next part I try to show the importance of traditional Korean Dance in the Story The whole Philippines is just bewitched with the latest dance craze. Although the song made it to Philippine shores only recently, the song was already a hit in South Korea at the time of its release in January 2018

Perspectives on Korean Dance surpasses other volumes in range and depth. Perspectives on Korean Dance unquestionably is a major contribution to the available English-language resources on Korean dance and Culture Perspectives on Korean Dance is an impressive accomplishment and a landmark contribution to extant materials Korean court dances, called Chongjae, meaning literally display of talent, were used to entertain for the royal family, court functionaries, and foreign envoys.They were also performed on festive occasions sponsored by the state. Some were derived from those of Tang China and called Tang-ak chongjae, while others were newer forms of Korean court dances called Hyang-ak chongjae Fellow dance majors Manga and Haber performed contemporary dance pieces in the Seoul International Dance Competition, which is Asia's largest international dance competition. The two dancers went on to become finalists. The experience of being in Korea and performing in the competition was like nothing I have ever done before The Korean fan dance is very bright, graceful, and one of a kind. It tells a story and describes everything in nature, said Eunjoo Kang, Director of the Woorigarak Korean Cultural Art Center

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Dancers, teachers & choreographers wanted in Korea, South for TV, film, theatre, musicals & more. New dance jobs listed daily Oct 23, 2015 - (via Fan dance, Iksan City Troupe Performance - Sugar Korea | SUGAR KOREA

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In the blog post about Korean Dano Festival, I mentioned that one of the key events of the Gangneung Dano Festival is the Gangneung Gwanno Mask Dance Drama. Actually, mask dance is a traditional Korean cultural symbol not restricted to Gangneung and there are many other places in Korea which have their own styles of mask dance K-Pop Dance. 13,921. members. 39. groups. Find out what's happening in K-Pop Dance Meetup groups around the world and start meeting up with the ones near you. Join K-Pop Dance groups. Related topics: Kpop Andong plays host to the Mask Dance Festival which started out as a 2-day event back in 1997. Today, it lasts 10 days and is packed with activities, shows, performances, festivities that take place all around the city. It's one of the coolest and most traditional Korean cultural festivals in the country

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1Million Dance Studio is a powerhouse dance studio located in the Gangnam district of Seoul, South Korea. Visitors from all around the globe including countries such as a Japan, China, the Phillipines, Russia, and the United States travel to Korea in order to take dance classes from some of the country's top choreographers I am crazy falling in love with Froggy Dance, famous Korean Children's song. It seems Korea children's song invaded all children around the world, and children loved it. Most people love Korean children's song Froggy Dance. People dance together following its simple dance and laugh with it. It is often used in training or meeting to. Shaman music. The earliest references to music in Korea are found in a 3rd-century-ce Chinese text that comments on agricultural festivals (nong'ak) with singing and dancing among the tribes of northwestern Korea.Such events are still a strong part of Korean life. Another ancient but long-lived tradition in Korea is shamanism, or communication with the unseen world by a shaman in a state of. How is the Korean dance different from other cultural dances? Many dances, especially American and Latin, tend to be physically and visually powerful and dynamic. They are full of kinetic forces that stimulate our eyes and minds—we feel and respond immediately. On the other hand, Korean traditional arts emphasize the static Korean masked dance and drama revolve around four dominant themes or plots. The first is mockery of the avarice, stupidity and general unwholesomeness of the aristocracy. The second is a love triangle between a husband, a wife, and a concubine. The third is the depraved and corrupt monk, like Choegwari

Unsurprisingly, Permission to Dance performs the best in South Korea, the band's home country, at least when comparing the video's total play count to every other item on the list of the. North and South Koreans danced in the streets on Thursday as 22 North Korean athletes were welcomed to the Pyeongchang Winter Olympics. The 22 are taking part in the Olympics following a thaw in inter-Korean relations and include figure skaters, ice hockey players, cross country and Alpine skiers. The athletes Yu Sun Kang President (2014-Present) Ms. Kang is a graduate of Queens College in Theater and Dance and has studied at the Manhattan School of Music. She has also studied under Yi Jo Lim, the leading dance figure in Korea today. Under him, she has mastered Seung Mu and Sal Puri, which represent the highest level of traditional Korean dance and have both been designated intangible cultural assets The theme is extended in the building skin, which suggests the scales of Korean mythical dragons, which seem to dance around the core—hence the project's name. (Yongsan, the name of the. Tahiti Dance Fitness Korea. 470 likes · 30 were here. Tahitian Dance & Fitness, for All Women of All Ages & Fitness Levels

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In addition to Korean dance, Pai had studied ballet and modern dance in Europe, and began to pass on her knowledge and skill to her young relative. Huhm learned dance at the same time she worked toward earning a Bachelor of Science degree in Home Economics at Jitsen Women's University in Tokyo. But with the start of World War II she returned to. Three young North Korean soldiers are awaiting punishment for dancing to the choreography of boy band BTS's Blood, Sweat, and Tears. The soldiers in their 20s were arrested during People's. Belly Dance Classes, Lessons, Workshops and Studios in South Korea - Find the best instructors and studios in our Belly Dance Directory. See our listings: AVA Kids Bellydance | AVA Bellydance Studio Dates: Monday: 5:00 PM - 6:00 PM Location: Ava Bellydance Studio - 176 Daeheung-ro, Daeheung-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, South Korea This is Lee Hye-in, a belly dancer based in Seoul. For the first.

dance definition: 1. to move the body and feet to music: 2. to move quickly and lightly: 3. a particular series of. Learn more Delivery & Pickup Options - 178 reviews of Dancen I don't know what it is about Korean bars but they sure like to keep things understated and vague. Take Dancen, for example. I've passed this place a zillion times and never paid any mind. When my friends wanted to come here I insisted no Korean bars were around this location and thought they all went insane Sexy belly dance skirts milk silk South Korean yarn lady wholesale dancing skirts for girls. $16.80-$19.20/ Piece. 1 Piece (Min. Order) CN Guangzhou Wuchieal Dancing Clothes Co., Ltd. 7 YRS

IU’s traditional styling amplifies her beauty in recent