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Christmas Ferris Wheel and Riders Plan Set ». #CYD12. Candy Cane Woodcrafting Pattern ». #XPAK4. Caroling Victorian Family & Pets Pattern ». #CYD50. 6 Helpful Elves Woodcraft Pattern ». #WSET11. Waving Side View Santa #2, Tractor and Wagon Pattern Set » May 5, 2019 - Explore Steve Pittuck's board Wooden Xmas Trees, followed by 132 people on Pinterest. See more ideas about christmas crafts, christmas diy, christmas projects A creative take on a DIY christmas tree. Watch to learn how to build one yourself! It can be made to any size and is a great opportunity to use up the scrap. Click here to purchase the herringbone wood tree printable woodworking plan. or click here for the instructions for the 3D stacked trees shown in the video. Bundle and save! This plan is also available in the Wooden Christmas Tree Woodworking Plan Bundle. 4 plans, save 30% over buying individually!. You can build these cute sturdy trees for your front porch in no time Learn how to create a Pallet Wood Christmas Tree in just a few easy steps! You can find all materials and step-by-step instructions on my blog @ http://diyhu..

Using a pencil and ruler, draw a slit the width of the plywood (5/8″) 19″ long starting from the top of the first tree. Draw a slit on the second tree 29″ starting at the bottom. Cut out the slits with a jigsaw. Sand the pieces smooth. Dry fit the 3D wood Christmas tree together. Paint or stain the 3D Christmas tree This chevron pallet Christmas tree is fully customizable. With a chevron pattern painted on an old pallet, it makes the perfect background upon which to glue some Christmas decorations in the shape of a Christmas tree. DIY Rustic Pallet Christmas Tree

Pros and beginners alike will find it easy to make an attractive DIY Christmas tree stand in under an hour. The estimated cost of materials, not including tools and paint or stain that you may already have, is around $30. This DIY project comes apart for storage and can be re-used year after year This DIY wood slice Christmas tree sign makes a great rustic decor touch for the Winter season. Back to the Top. DIY Christmas tree stands. Wooden Christmas tree stands are simple and easy to make and can be used for the rest of the year as a regular planter box! 34. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Stand from The Stonybrook Hous The 5-page printable triangle tree building plan includes details for making an angle jig to cut a wide angle and dimensions for 3 different sizes of trees: 12″, 14″, and 20″. Bundle and save! This plan is also available in the Wooden Christmas Tree Woodworking Plan Bundle. 4 plans, save 30% over buying individually I also decided to add a 5th shelf, to work with the ornaments that I would be creating for my tree. I followed Ana White's plans for building and angles, but because I was adding a shelf, I changed the measurements a bit. Wooden Christmas Tree Shelf Plans. Here are the specs of my tree

Step 1: Make a Christmas Tree Base. To keep your tree standing, you'll need a rounded tree base. Using a 1-1/2-inch spade bit, drill three-quarters of the way into the center of the wooden round. Insert the 8-foot pole into the hole and secure with a 1-1/2-inch wood screw through the bottom of the round The overall height of this stackable wooden Christmas tree is about 41 ½″ WITHOUT the star.. LAST NOTE: This nesting tree shelf is made of three sections. Each section has some angle cuts-all the angles on the bottom section are 9 degrees, all the angles on the middle section are 12 degrees, and all the angles on the top section are 15 degrees This DIY Christmas tree box stand is the perfect way to add height and decor to your space this holiday season and we've got the free, easy plans for you! How to build a Christmas tree box stand This Christmas tree box stand can be made in about two hours with less than one sheet of plywood Lighted Christmas Gift Boxes from What Rose Knows. Giant Silver Bells from Smart School House. $2 Large Silver Balls (source unknown) $2 Plastic Balls + Silver Spray Paint + Red Ribbon And Bows. Christmas Present Topiary from Deck the Holidays. Giant Ornaments from Old Tires from Addicted 2 DIY. Giant Ornaments (using Dollar Tree Cake Pans. This DIY wooden Christmas tree is very different as it has knobs and hooks and is made from architectural salvage. I think that the knobs look like Christmas ornaments in themselves especially the coloured ones. The tree can be simply hung on the wall or you can make a stand for it and have it free-standing

The first layer of the rustic christmas tree, dryfit together. Next, use the 3″ wide boards and cut the pieces for the second layer. Dryfit the 3″ boards. I spaced my board 'V' about 2″ apart. Cut a 1″ x 4″ furring strip, or any other scrap wood to about 50″. I made a point at the top to match the angles of the tree How To Make A Wood Christmas Tree Box Collar Hello FOXES! Today Jim and I are sharing how we made a wood Christmas Tree Box with you. This DIY is fast and easy, and we made this in under an hour. And that included taking lots of pictures and video to share with you as we did. This DIY wood box will act as a collar of sorts, to finish off your tree Instructions. Measurements and 3D drawings can be found in the printable plans. Cut the 2x2's for your DIY Christmas Tree Box Stand. Drill your Kreg Jig Pocket Holes. Use wood glue and screws to assemble the frame. Attach the molding to the frame. Then attach the beadboard to the molding on the 4 sides of the box If you're buying wood for these DIY wood trees, my advice is to skip the home improvement store and head to a lumber yard catering to woodworkers to find beautiful wood to use for your DIY wood Christmas tree project. With a beautiful, quality wood, these DIY tabletop trees can become heirloom holiday decor

Easy DIY wood Christmas Tree collar - free plans by ANA-WHITE.com. 1. 2. Wood Christmas tree collars are a beautiful addition to a Christmas tree. They dress up the base of the tree and add structure - and never need fixing or adjusting as a fabric skirt might. This year, our family DIYed a wood Christmas tree collar A wide selection of wooden ornaments for your Christmas tree as well as items to help you decorate for Christmas. Showing: 94 RESULTS Decorate for Christmas or all winter long using these fun diy snowflakes. This is the Christmas Decor Build this farmhouse style Christmas tree stand using the free woodworking plans and instructions. This DIY wood slice Christmas tree sign makes a great rustic decor touch for the Winter season. Back to the Top. DIY Christmas tree stands. Wooden Christmas tree stands are simple and easy to make and can be used for the rest of the year as a regular planter box! 34. Farmhouse Christmas Tree Stand from The Stonybrook Hous This display tree has room for all your Christmas villages. Stack them up on the tiers, decorate them with holiday greens and lights, and create a beautiful Christmas display. You can even choose your size. The 5-tier display tree is about 5 feet tall and 3 feet in diameter. The 6-tier display tree is about 6 feet tall and 40 inches in diameter

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  1. Pallet Wood Christmas Tree. This DIY triangular Christmas tree is made from an old pallet and a string of Christmas lights. I'm Vineta, otherwise known as The Handyman's Daughter! My goal is to teach people how to fix up their homes and decorate them with DIY projects that are perfect for their space
  2. Christmas Tree Shelf Features. Under $10 to build (for 1x3s) Easy to build with basic building tools. Four shelves perfect for advent calendar, Holiday cards, or displaying ornaments. Hooks at bottom for hanging stockings, or extra coats from Holiday visitors. Easy 1x4 construction
  3. • Scrap wood block (A groove cut into the block will make it easier to hold the driftwood pieces while you drill them). • Hot glue gun - For gluing the starfish on to the top piece. Steps for Creating Your Driftwood Christmas Tree: 1. Choose the two largest pieces for the base of your driftwood Christmas Tree
  4. I love to DIY a lot of my Christmas decor and, today, I've got a new tutorial and video to show you how to build your own DIY wooden Christmas village. I'm partnering with Inventables today to share with you how you can create your own custom Christmas village using the X-Carve CNC router
  5. Prep the wood . Start by sanding and staining the wood. After you've cut the 1×2 pieces for the branches and the 2×2 for the base of the tree we are ready to get started. Sand the pieces using a medium followed by a fine sanding paper. The last thing you want is a Christmas tree that gives splinters. Stain the pieces the color of choice
  6. About $15 for plans, WoodStore.net. 3. Wooden Sleigh. Photo by Rockler. Transform your yard into Santa's parking space with this beautiful piece. The kit includes an outdoor Christmas woodworking pattern and all the wood and metal you need to make your own authentic sleigh. The finished product stands 3-feet tall

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Shiplap for Wood Christmas Tree. The shiplap boards used on this tree are 5 1/2 inches wide. Cut boards. 3 of each size - 34″ long, 31″ long, 25″ long, 22″ long, 16″ long, and 13″ long. 2 of each size - 10″ long and 5 1/4″ long. You will need a 4×4 post to cut - 9 - 2 1/2″ blocks. Use a 6×6 Post and cut 1 - 4. The kids and I had such a good time making our wooden pumpkin and our wood snowman, we decided to make a fun wooden Christmas Tree.This DIY wooden Christmas tree was fun to make just like the others-and the kids had a blast decorating it with pine cones. If we keep this up we will have wooden porch decor for every occasion, but I am not complaining How to make tabletop wooden Christmas trees. To make these tabletop Christmas trees, we just used a saw, sander and wood glue. The key to making these tabletop trees is to make them all different heights to be visually-appealing. The entire tree is made from 1 1/2″ wide x 3/4″ thick wood. We started by making the tree bodies themselves Lighted Christmas Gift Boxes from What Rose Knows. Giant Silver Bells from Smart School House. $2 Large Silver Balls (source unknown) $2 Plastic Balls + Silver Spray Paint + Red Ribbon And Bows. Christmas Present Topiary from Deck the Holidays. Giant Ornaments from Old Tires from Addicted 2 DIY. Giant Ornaments (using Dollar Tree Cake Pans. A DIY wooden Christmas tree box is a relatively straightforward project o make. Hubs and I built this one in a couple of hours and I took another couple of hours to sand and then stain it. I absolutely love the grain of the wood, it looks so beautiful and cohesive with the Christmas tree

DIY Wood Slat Christmas Tree Friday, November 21, 2014 - Decor Tutorials Last week I shared a sneak peak of the Merry and Bright Blogger Mash-up (A.K.A. a bunch of SUPER talented do-it-yourself bloggers teamed up, threw a party, and decided to invite me in on the action) DIY Ornament Display Tree Woodworking Plans. Knockoff the Crate and Barrel wood ornament display tree for a fraction of the price using these free plans! Use it as an advent calendar or as a replacement for a traditional tree. This Pre-Lit Wooden Christmas Tree will make a delightfully festive statement in your home! This tree will make the. If you love modern, simplistic, and minimalist holiday decor this project is for you!! This DIY Christmas tree is made from wooden dowels How we created a Christmas tree forest for FREE using scrap wood Through the course of constant DIY projects, we've accumulated quite the pile of scrap wood. This month, we're making an effort to create new projects out of the scrap wood rather than buying anything new

However, the simple design of the stand can make it look boring. Create your Christmas tree stand and give it a whole new look with these different DIY ideas. Contents [ show] Wooden Christmas Tree Stand. 1. Boxy Wooden Base. 2. Pallet Crate Tree Stand. 3 Once the trees are painted and dry, I glue the 2x2 inch piece onto the center of the bottom of the tree. Then if my wood is dented, has knots or character spots, I use the sand paper and distress the edges. The final touch is adding ribbon to the tree to give it a little bit of character. I use 1/2 up to 1 wide ribbon › Holidays & Special Occasions › Christmas-Yule-hanukkah-Kwanzaa-Winter Solstice › DIY Corner Christmas Tree Village Stand Welcome to my world of savings! I started this blog in the late '90s as a busy mom of two little boys, struggling to get out of debt on a minimal income of less than $18K a year Nesting Christmas Tree Shelf. This fun nesting Christmas tree shelf is easy to build and will make a statement in your room. Bonus feature is it comes apart easily to store away with all the pieces fitting inside each other. Category: Christmas Decor. Link Type: free plans. Link Source: WoodShopDiaries DIY Wooden Triangle Christmas Trees Make an adorable wooden Christmas tree to spruce up your holiday decor. Made from a 1 X 3 board, some wood backing and craft paint, this wood tree will bring the Christmas spirit to your home

Make your own vintage Christmas truck, complete with a mini Christmas tree in the bed! Hey all! It's Tylynn, dropping in from Bitterroot DIY again! I'm super excited about this latest little project and am so glad to be able to share it this week Ladder Christmas Tree: This non-traditional Christmas tree made from a wooden ladder and pine wood planks is the perfect way to decorate for the holidays if you, A) can't have real trees in your apartment, or, 2) you or your loved one is a big fan of hardware stores. It Finding the best wood pallet Christmas tree project can a tricky idea especially for the beginners. But wait! Why to search around here and there when we are all here for you. Make a scroll down and grab your favorite and some of the outstanding projects and Christmas tree ideas related with the old shipping wood pallets Cut the 20 degree angle out of the longer side of the DIY Wood Christmas Tree Shelf. Then measure that longer side. If you were able to keep it 48 inches long, then the second side should be cut at 46 13/16″ long (48″ - 1 3/16″). If your long side isn't exactly 48″, no worries

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DIY Wood Projects: Follow our step-by-step advice, How-to videos & cost breakdown from 113 home DIY projects. Discover more home ideas at The Home Depot DIY Christmas Tree Sleigh (FREE PLANS) Download Now! 817 Downloads I put the design for CNC carving together in Easel, the software provided free by Inventables and commonly used with Inventables X-Carve CNC machines

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  1. Read some free plans in the tutorial and make one! DIY rustic vintage A-framed Christmas tree with vintage ornaments (via www.shanty-2-chic.com) This wooden frame Christmas tree is inspired by a Crate and Barrel one, and it looks very cool and modern. It's built of wood and is stained rather dark, and the ornaments used are bright and shiny.
  2. Punch holes in the foam-core board or use the 3/8-inch Forstner bit to drill holes. Adding Berries to Christmas Tree Centerpiece. Apply a dab of glue on the bottom of the berries and insert into the holes in the tree sides as shown here. Use a wooden or rubber mallet to tap the berries in place if needed
  3. This step by step diy woodworking project is about how to build a Christmas tree stand plans.There are many designs and projects to choose from when building a wooden tree stand, so make sure you take a look over the alternatives before starting the actual assembly
  4. DIY wooden Christmas tree decoration - WOODWORKING PLANS PDF. This Christmas tree is a very simple but elegant Christmas decoration that you can place on your dining table, sideboard, window sill to decorate your home and get into the Christmas mood. You can also use them as a Christmas tree ornament if you drill a hole and hang them
  5. Purchase a wood finial at Lowe's. Screw finial into 2×2. I chose to paint my tree in a favorite, Rust-oleum Heirloom White spray paint. I found it easiest to spray paint the dowels while they were in the tree. Tip: place dowels from longest to smallest from bottom to top to form the shape of a Christmas Tree. That's it
  6. Inside: A full tutorial for how to build a rustic DIY Christmas Tree Stand Cover from scrap wood; plus the hack I use to make it easy to store after the holidays! I wasn't even going to post about this project, but then it ended up in a peek photo on my Instagram Stories feed and you all went a bit excited crazy over this - so I figured it.

There are many design plans to a DIY pallet Christmas tree but this one requires 3 simple steps: cutting the pallet, adding some finishing touch, and decorating. Cutting a Christmas tree from a wood pallet is a cheaper alternative to buying a tree which makes it a great decoration or gift for the holiday season Make a DIY Christmas Tree Shelf from free plans from Ana White! The wooden Christmas tree shelf is a fun and quick project for any DIYer. Hi Friends! For many people, entering into the later months of the year means one thing for home decor: Christmas decorations! Decorating for the holidays in itself can be both a blessing and a curse When DIY-ing wooden Christmas tree from pallets, you should follow a really easy DIY process. First, choose the pallet that shows no sign of deterioration, or the still good quality. Because although older and deteriorated ones are easier to disassemble, its wood might be too damaged to repurpose or reuse

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4. Wooden advent calendar 'One of the simplest, but most effective wooden advent calendars I've seen was a series of wooden slats cut to different sizes and fixed together to make a Christmas tree. Another Facebook live build! This holiday project turned out great and is super cheap to do. This little wooden tree is made from 1x2s and scrap wood. These Facebook live videos have been fun so far, and we will attempt to do one every single day from here until Christmas. We kicked it off with the bottle opener build but can't wait to share some project idea that we have coming up Oct 26, 2017 - Wooden Christmas tree plans. Plans show how to make 2 different size spiral/spoke shaped wooden Christmas trees. Larger tree stands 27 tall x 18 wide. Smaller tree stands 16 inches tall x 10 inches wide. You can rotate the branches for spiral or spoke shape, or any shape you want. See more ideas about tree plan, wooden christmas trees, diy christmas tree This DIY stand is used to display Christmas villages. I built this village Christmas tree stand out of plywood and 1x material. This Christmas village display shelf will require 2 sheets of 4x8 plywood, bolts, screws and 1x material. Building a tree for Christmas village is a very approachable project with just a few tools

The good news is that you can still decorate for the holidays with these DIY Christmas tree ideas. 32 Ways to Recycle Your Craft Supplies into a Charming DIY Christmas Tree Instead of struggling with an unwieldy tree that won't fit through the front door, you can craft a tree that's the perfect size for your living space 12 Simple Woodworking Projects for Christmas You've trimmed the tree, graced your door with an evergreen wreath, and decked the halls with boughs of holly—it's hard not to feel a little woodsy. 1. DIY Christmas Village Using Scrap Wood. A little glue and paint can turn simple cut-offs of boards into a pretty holiday village! Full tutorial here. 2. DIY Wood Block Snowman. If you have some 4×4 pieces leftover, give it some love with paint and accessories to make a snowman that will never melt Oct 6, 2020 - Explore Charles Pemberton's board Woodworking plans diy on Pinterest. See more ideas about wood diy, wood christmas tree, christmas wood crafts

Step 4: Built Chest Lid Frame. I built the chest lid frame using 2x4s as well. So, I used 1 ½″ pocket holes and 2 ½″ pocket hole screws to assemble a frame like shown that would fit exactly over the chest body. Once the frame was together, I lined the inside with 1×3 boards like shown-I used 1 ¼″ wood screws to secure DIY Free Christmas Wooden Patterns Plans PDF Download Free printable christmas wood patterns. table saw taper jig Free christmas wooden patterns dolphin wood carving woodworking shop tools lean to carport construction balsa wood glider kits log bed frame diy woodworking shop tools. Free christmas wood carving patterns shoe rack build plans Follow our step-by-step guide for how to build a Christmas tree stand. Once you're done setting up your Christmas tree, transform your tree into a work of art with these stylish ornaments, garland and other on-trend Christmas tree decorations we think you'll love.. Plus, here are the best real Christmas tree species In the mood for a little holiday DIY? We love the shabby chic look of these rustic, upcycled Christmas trees made from pallets that are all the rage on Instagram. Here's a look at some different. to make your own christmas tree village you will need some basic plywood, a saw, a pencil, and a smile. The tree stand is made of simple round plywood circles with the center cut out and screwed into place using corner brace brackets. they are just stacked on top of one another to get a tiered effect. make a 2×4 cross section on the bottom.

In case the tiny wooden Christmas trees in this advent calendar wasn't enough sweetness, here's how you can make a larger version! Buying a fresh tree every year just isn't practical for me while I'm living in an apartment without other people to help me lug it up and down the stairs and enjoy it while it's here Santa's Elves Yard Display. Rustic Christmas Tree Project. Wood Dowel Wreath. Christmas Tree. Wood Shim Wreath. Garland made from dowel disks. DIY Snowman Yard Decoration. Snowman Yard Ornament. Wood Burlap Christmas Wreath Use wood glue to attach each layer of the ornaments together. There should be about 1/2″ overhang on each side of the layers. Then clamp the scrap wood Christmas tree layers together, and let the wood glue dry. Once the glue has dried. Remove any excess glue and sand smooth. I applied a thin coat of polyurethane Close. DIY Wooden Christmas Tree - Home & Family. Directions. 1) Measure desired width on first plank of wood. 2) Cut both ends at opposing 25 degree angle. 3) Take first piece and lay against second piece, and mark where cut corners line up. 4) Using a pencil, mark second piece. 5) Cut second piece at 25 degree angle

All you'll need to make this minimalist Christmas tree is a 1×4 pine board. A six foot length will do just fine. There are some angled cuts, so you'll need access to a miter saw. You'll need some wood glue and some brad nails. You'll need a couple of small eye screws, a pair of needle-nosed pliers and an ornament or two This wooden Christmas tree would be so much fun sitting on your front porch or out in your yard. Believe it or not, this is an easy building project that uses a pallet for the base of the tree. This DIY project has lots of great tips for working with old pallets as well as how you could finish the tree Wooden Christmas Tree Advent. This is a very simple, minimalistic approach to an advent calendar. There are 25 holes drilled in this tree, leaving a place to hang an ornament a day in December. Or, use this in place of a traditional Christmas Tree, and still have a place to hang your favorite ornaments

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Christmas trees are one of my favourite decorations. Every year I make myself at least two Christmas trees. A big upcycled tree to hang my Christmas ornaments from and smaller DIY tabletop Christmas trees for the mantle or dining table.. I really enjoy making the little tabletop Christmas trees and often make a whole forest of them C hristmas and Holiday season is that time of the year when indoors as well as outdoors are decorated with different themes. One of the most trending themes of decoration is the usage of wooden DIY crafts. Several types of wood like Pallet wood, birch tree wood, recycled or reclaimed wood helps to make a Beautiful handmade Christmas tree as well as other DIY projects With so many DIY Christmas decorations and options to choose from, you're bound to find something that suits your taste and, most importantly, your tree. From options that are perfect for rustic trees, like tiny ornaments made of twine, to modern, metallic clay ornaments and even Christmas cookie ornaments, there's a Christmas craft in here for. Wood christmas tree stand plans. Black Wooden christmas tree ornaments plans stenciled. Have Wooden christmas tree plans plans. Adorn them bench vises for woodworking with your. Bit well as items to help you thanksgiving for centerpiece of the holidays. You could employ whatsoever Scripture you want and this would be bonny motiveless to build with pallet rustic storage building plans wood and. These were so easy to put together! Here is a look at one of the completed trees. Lumber lengths for each tree: 6 foot tree. 2×4 - one 6′. Fence pickets - one each at 4 1/2′, 4′, 3 1/2′, 3′, 2 1/2′, 2′, 1 1/2′, 1′ - 8 total pieces. 5 Foot Tree. 2×4 - one 5′. Fence pickets - one each 3 1/2′, 3′, 2 1/2′, 2.

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Step 4: Stain or paint your DIY Wood Christmas Tree. I opted to stain my Christmas tree, for a bit of a rustic look. You could also paint your tree with a solid colour and paint some ornaments on it as well. Or you could whitewash and distress the tree - it is all up to you Pallet Wood Frame. This is actually a super easy diy, and it goes together really quickly if you have all the supplies on hand. The first step is to gather the pallet wood you're gonna use for your tree backing. This pallet wood was just under 3 feet in length though you can use any size you have, just trim it down so it is all the same length The first step is to cut the top corners off of your large piece of wood. We came in about 4 inches from each side which gives us about an 8 center. We then came down about 6 inches on each the side and drew our line to cut. We cut our 2×4's to be 57 1/2 inches long. We then cut our 1×3 to be 19 1/2 inches long

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Wood christmas tree stand plans. Wooden christmas tree stand plans. See Thomas More about wooden christmas trees murphy bed plans twin pallet Xmas tree and pallet Mrs. Unloosen Plans vitamin A wide selection of wooden ornaments for your Yule tree Eastern Samoa considerably wood carvings Eastern Independent State of Samoa items to Christmastide Tree resist Yule tree stands diy unloosen Have you ever heard of a Christmas Tree Stand Box? I've been wanting to make one ever since I saw the Scrap Wood Crate Christmas Tree Stand my friend Kim made a couple of years ago. I recently shared her project on my Facebook page and it really got me inspired to finally tackle this alternative to a Christmas tree skirt project! Oh, and there's a bonus feature of my Christmas Tree Box

Christmas Village Display Tree - Plans | Christmas treelive nativity scene | VBS | Pinterest | Stables, OutdoorBuilding Plans for Christmas Village House Display Stand95 Amazing Outdoor Christmas Decorations - DigsDigs17 Most Simple & Beautiful DIY Christmas Decorations ThatReclaimed Cable Drum & Pallet Wood Into Chair • 1001 PalletsQueen Size Pallet Bed Headboard • 1001 Pallets23 Really Fascinating DIY Pallet Bed Designs That Everyone

DIY cupcake cover tabletop Christmas trees (via tuttiguardanolenuvole.blogspot.ru) These simple fresh trees are made using tree trimmings of any type, tree trunk stumps or wooden flat disks and hot glue. make several items and decorate your space all over. DIY fresh mini trees made of trimmings (via sayyes.com A two-foot tree wouldn't crush anyone, but it fell short on Christmas spirit. I would have to create a scaled down, easier version of my dream Catmas tree. Ikea's Heri shelf was the perfect. In the past, we built a wooden Christmas tree with rotating tiers and a color-blocked tree that updates the classic Christmas colors of red and green. This year, I decided it was time to up the game on these wooden trees by adding lights. This is a simple plywood Christmas tree that will light up your home and make it cozy These DIY Small Wooden Christmas Trees are so easy to make and cost less than $30 for all three! You'll have them put together in no time! Here's how! Get more DIY farmhouse Christmas decor ideas here!. I love how these driftwood Christmas trees are full of texture and interest And we're starting with these 23 DIY Christmas tree stands and bases to build for your holiday spruce! 1. Mirrored. At The Picket Fence makes a glamorous Christmas tree stand for all those that like a bit of modern energy thrown into their holiday decor. We're loving this mirrored design