How many 5x5 squares to make a queen quilt

How Many 5'' Squares Does It Take to Make a Queen Size Quilt

How many quilt blocks you need for each row and column in your patchwork is calculated as the quilt dimension (the number at the top of the column) divided by the Finished Block Size. For a twin size, 65 wide, made with 4 blocks the math is: 65 ÷ 4 = 16.25. Since we only make whole blocks and want our patchwork to be at least 65 wide. With this chart you will know exactly how many squares you need to purchase to make your desired size quilt or wall hanging. The number of blocks in our chart below are based on the mattress size only. Add extra blocks or borders for drop at sides of mattress. Happy Quilting! CRIB size = 24 x 48 128 Three Inch Blocks Needed Layout = 8 x 1

How Many 5 Squares to Make a Queen Size Quilt We have given you two figures already. Depending on how you measure queen size you can expect to use between 336 and 361 5 squares. If you use more than that don't worry, it is probably still a queen size quilt The queen size quilt has a standard size of 80-86 inches (2 to 2.2 meters) widths and 90-98 inches (2.3 to 2.5 meters) lengths. Let's take the size 86 inches width and 98 inches length. You need to divide 86 and 98 by 12 since you are using 12-inch blocks. Here it goes, 86 ÷ 12 is 7.17, then 98 ÷ 12 is 8.17 How many 5x5 squares does it take to make a queen size quilt? I like to use square quilts on my queen-size bed and put pillows on top. The mattress is 60 X 80, so a quilt top that is 95 X 95 will hand down about 17 on the sides and foot of the bed. In order to make that quilt ALL 5 blocks with no sashing or borders, you would need 361. Twin/single size (69 x 90) = 520 squares (20 across by 26 down) Full/double size (84 x 90) = 624 squares (24 across by 26 down) Queen size (90 x 96) = 728 squares (26 across by 28 down) King size (104 x 96) = 840 squares (30 across by 28 down

How many 5 quilt blocks to make a queen size quilt

The 60 triangles divided by the two each square yields means 30 squares are required. Most quilting fabric has a usable width of about 40 inches, often a bit more. Divide 40 inches by 3-7/8 inches, the size of your squares. The answer, 10.32, is the number of 3-7/8 inch cuts you can make across the width of the fabric Each square from a Charm Pack is 5 x 5 inches, so take the seam allowances into consideration, you end up with 4 1/2 squares (which is around 11 cm x 11 cm). It's easy to see how many squares you need in total to cover the quilt dimension you have in mind (allow a bit extra because quilting can eat up the overall size a bit) Then I sewed the rows of twelve blocks together to make the quilt. Like I mentioned above, this quilt consists of fifteen rows of twelve blocks. I used six different patterns of fabrics. I used about 3/4 of a yard of each fabric for the blocks. The back took about 2 1/2 yards of fabric. The finished quilt measured around 51 by 64 inches I was working in a local quilt shop 15 years ago and vividly remember when the first set of pre-cut 5″ x 5″ squares arrived in the shop. We were cutting a lot of squares kits ourselves at the time and it was SO HANDY to have a pre-cut bundle of squares including every print in the collection show-up ready to go

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Six rows by six, or 36 squares, with three inch sashes and a three inch sashed border would give you more than enough for your queen size comforter, 93 X 93. Still too many blocks? How about five rows by five, with eight inch sashing and border, you are up to 124 X 124 now. Three blocks by four with 12 inch sashing and borders, 108 X 132 2 - Queen quilt. A jelly roll has 40 pieces of 2.5 inch strips of fabric. 1 - Lap/Twin quilt. 2 - Queen quilt. A quilt made from a fat quarter bundle all depends on the size of the bundle. One bundle can make anything from a full size quilt to a king size quilt. A fat quarter bundle is 18 x 24″ cut of fabric which equals a quarter yard

Quilt Kits. Square units made from two fabrics. May be made using two triangles, or by a quick method using two squares, right sides together and stitched 1/4 on either side of a diagonal line. The square is then cut on the drawn line and yields two half square triangles How many 5x5 squares does it take to make a queen size quilt? I like to use square quilts on my queen - size bed and put pillows on top. The mattress is 60 X 80, so a quilt top that is 95 X 95 will hand down about 17 on the sides and foot of the bed

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  1. The top of a queen is 60 X 80, or five blocks by six blocks, almost, (5 x 12 = 60 and 6 x 12 = 72). If you wanted sashing, you would need fewer blocks, 4 by 5 with three inch sashing, (4 x 12 = 48 5 x 3 = 15 48 + 15 = 63 inches wide 5 x 12 = 60 6 x 3 = 18 60 + 18 = 78 inches long.) Click to see full answer
  2. That's it. Just make sure all your squares are the same size. Whether they are 12 inches by 12 inches or 3.75 inches by 3.75 inches it doesn't matter just as long as they are all the same. Ok now that we have the one and only rule out of the way let's make these quilts even easier. Now and days most quilt shops (both brick and mortar and.
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  1. g off the selvages) and you want to cut 5 squares, the number of squares you will get is 56. Square
  2. A charm pack is a bundle of 5 squares of precut quilt fabric featuring an array of coordinating fabric from a designer's collection. Charm packs are a fast, fun way to make quilts come together like magic. Use the filters to shop a wide selection of charm pack colors, themes & styles from top quilt designers. Prepared to be charmed
  3. Depending on your chosen design, you may find that block pattern in a variety of sizes. Choose your desired quilt block size below to see all the available patterns currently available. 5 Quilt Blocks. 6 Quilt Blocks. 7 Quilt Blocks. 7.5 Quilt Blocks
  4. 90 squares in total are needed for a queen sized quilt which is a little more than 2 layer cakes. Calculations are as follows: Precut - 1/2 inch on each side for the base. Quilt Length divided by Precut base = Rows. Quilt Width divided by Precut base= Number in Each Row. Rows x Number in Each Row = Precuts needed

Using the measurements given(5 squares at 10″ each minus 3″ for seams by 5 squares wide times 7.5″ each minus 3″ for seams )makes it 47″ long 34.5″ (approximately). Thats a good baby sized quilt Check out these ideas to help you make a queen-size quilt. Simple patchwork. The quickest and most simple way to make any size quilt is to use your favorite fabric precuts to make a classic patchwork quilt. Just two 42-piece layer cakes will create an 85″ square quilt using a 9-by-9 layout of the 10″ squares It will tell you how many 5, 6, or 10 squares you need to make a throw, Twin, Full, Queen, and King sized quilt. Choosing Fabrics . Stacy Fisher When it comes to fabrics to include in your rag quilt, you have a lot of options. You do want to make sure that at least two of your three layers are from fabric that frays easily Depending on your chosen design, you may find that block pattern in a variety of sizes. Choose your desired quilt block size below to see all the available patterns currently available. 5 Quilt Blocks. 6 Quilt Blocks. 7 Quilt Blocks. 7.5 Quilt Blocks Free Queen Size Quilt Pattern #3: Two Simple! Fabric shopping couldn't be easier for this bold quilt design! Two high-contrast fabrics are all you need to achieve the graphic power of this easy-to-make quilt. If you can sew a nine-patch, you can make this quilt! The easy quilt blocks are just nine-patch variations, with a larger center.

This is a queen quilt design, so you'll probably have to use the floor; make sure it's clean. Mix and match until you have a layout you find pleasing. Remember, you have 72 squares to work with, but you'll only use 64; this allows you to an extra 8 to work with so you can best avoid duplicate fabrics and/or similar colors side by side This adorable pattern is created using mini charm packs ( 2 ½ squares), which you could easily create by cutting a charm pack's squares into fourths. The finished quilt will be a 46 ½ square, but you could easily make a larger quilt just by adding more rows. 3. Charm Pack Superstar Quilt

This Half Square Triangle Chart is just what you need to help you plan your next quilting project. Our downloadable and printable HST chart shows the cut square sizes in the first column and the finished square size in the second column.<br /> <br /> The sizes included range from 2 inches to 12 inches, so it has every size you will need when buying or cutting pieces of fabric. Now. Sep 4, 2017 - A yardage chart The quilt is assembled in quarters and then sewn together. The strip method just means that you sew strips together instead of squares. This can save you sooooooo much time, it is unbelievable! It also makes the sewing and the squares much more accurate. You can make your quilt any size you want and you can make your squares any size you want 5 Quilt Blocks. For those quilters wanting a little more of a challenge, five inch quilt blocks might be the answer -- smaller blocks usually means more blocks to make. Another reason for using five inch blocks is to create a secondary pattern. By using 4 blocks and rotating each of them, you get a different larger quilt block

To figure out how many squares will fit into each row, divide the finished quilt width by the block size (60 divided by 5 = 12 blocks wide). To figure out how many squares will fit into each column, divide the finished quilt height by the block size (50 divided by 5 = 10 blocks tall). Sometimes I like to draw a little picture to help me. This video shows how to make a sashed 4-patch quilt using 5 squares using the method shown in the video Quilting Tips & Techniques 054www.gourmetquilter.co

Fabric squares are useful for making quilts with colorful, grid-like designs. Squares are also the easiest quilting shapes to make, so this is a great option for making your first quilt.However, you can also use fabric squares to make intricate designs on a quilt, so you might also need them if you are a more advanced quilter 10″ Stacker- 10″ squares that are pre-cut by the manufacturer. 5″ Stacker- 5″ squares that are pre-cut by the manufacturer. Fabric Roll- A fabric roll is a whole collection of fabric strips that measure 2½ x 44″. And to give you a good idea of some quilts you can make here are 15 Free Quilt Patterns that Use Precuts Layer Cake/Bali Crackers/Stack Pack/Patty Cake/Sundae/Karats: -10 inches by 10 inches. -Pre-cut squares. -Usually 40-42 fabrics per pack. -Equivalent to approx. 2 3/4 yards fabric. -Note: Layer Cake is a trade marked name registered specifically to Moda. -Helpful hints to slice a layer cake. Honeycombs/Hexagons: -6 inches by 6 inches Move the ruler to the 20″ mark and cut the next 10″ square. You now have two strips that are 10″ in width. Turn the strips around so that 10″ width is facing you and you are now ready to cut the long strips into 10″ squares. Place the ruler on the 10″ line on your mat and cut. You now have four 10″ squares. Move the ruler to the.

Since you want the quilt to be at least 78 wide, you will need 12 extra inches. You would need 20 extra blocks (ten for each additional column) and then add in the sashing 2 finished x 2 strips. The width of the twin quilt is 66 +12 (for the two extra columns of 9 patches) + 4 (for the two extra strips of sashing) =82, which is a bit wider than your target of 78, but close enough Charm squares are a great cut of fabric to use in quilts and other patchwork projects! One yard of cotton fabric (the normal 45″ width) will produce 56 charm squares (5″x5″). To follow along with this tutorial, you'll need a rotary cutter, self-healing cutting mat and large cutting ruler Pin row 1 to row 2 graphic sides together, aligning seams and sew the top seam. Then, press your seam open. Repeat until all your rows are sewn together. 5. Completing the quilt. Find a material to use as the backing and sew the front and back together. Have fun with the color, print, and material Quilt Patterns That Use 10-Inch Squares. An easy-to-piece pattern provides plenty of space to showcase large-scale floral, precut 10 squares. Solid white strips to give the eyes places to rest as they travel around this bold quilt. Get the free quilt pattern here. Free Fat Quarter-Friendly Quilt Patterns. Free Fat Eighth-Friendly Quilt Patterns Most finished quilt squares are 4 (10 cm) due to the fabric's original width of 45 (110 cm). A half width is 22.5, and as a square, is known as a fat quarter. This makes convenient 4.5 squares without any wasted fabric

Cutting Fat Quarters into 10 Different-Sized Squares. Do you need a particular size square for a quilt pattern? The following ten charts show ten ways to cut up a fat quarter into identical squares from 2″ to 6-1/2″. Some size squares leave extra strips you can use for scrap projects. You can cut: Post first published on November 3, 2014 http://missouriquiltco.com - Part 1 of 4 on how to make a baby quilt start to finish. Jenny shows us how to pick out colors and coordinate fabric for a quil.. 10 inch square cut on diagonal once. 4 medium triangles. 10 inch square cut on diagonal twice. 1 large & 2 medium rectangles. Three triangles. 8 small rectangles. 5 inch squares cut on diagonal once. The above photo could be taken another step further and each 5 inch square could be cut on the diagonal twice to give 16 small triangles Each package description will tell you how many packages are needed for a twin, full, queen or king size quilt. The number of packages will vary based on whether it is made up of interlocking quilt squares or whether it has 3 strips of material in between the squares 16 patches that are 4 1/2 inch (cut size) squares. 12 patches that are 5 inch (cut size) squares. You can get 40 half-square triangles for 3 inch patches from a fat quarter. To get them, you would cut squares that measure 3 7/8 inches -match them up right sides together to a different 3 7/8 inch square, draw a line from corner to corner, sew.

Here are some general guidelines: Fat Eighth Bundle + background fabric typically yields 1-2 baby or lap quilts. Fat Quarter Bundle + background fabric typically yields 2 lap quilts or 1 Queen. Half Yard Bundles + background yardage will typically yield 2-3 queen size quilts, depending on complexity of the patchwork Make a quilt in an hour or so by using readymade bandannas as squares! This would be a great outdoor or picnic quilt, or a cute covering for a tween's bed (in their favorite alternating colors). Now to make a queen sized one :O) Kim . December 14, 2013 at 8:27 pm. The most typical 9 square quilt is queen size. This means that it is 6 blocks wide and 8 blocks long. Each block is made up of nine squares of contrasting fabric - these squares are cut at 4x4inches. (So they will be 3.5x3.5 when sewn - meaning that the block made out of them will be 10.5 inches square. Well you come to the right place. (The answer is 81) Guideline for figuring number of pieces in a yard of fabric. (curved or unusual shaped pieces require more fabric) Size of Square. Pieces in 36 Fabric. Pieces in 45 Fabric. 3. 144* There are a number of things you need to keep in mind when figuring how many squares you'll need to make an afghan or blanket. 1. Make several squares in the pattern you've chosen. 2. Block and measure the squares. Blocking is especially important when assembling a blanket out of squares. It's one of the few times I actually block my work

To make a 42″ x 42″ charm pack baby quilt you will need 64 5″ squares - usually 2 Charm Packs is perfect. (Moda Charm Packs have 42 squares in them, other companies vary. Ch eck the back of the packaging for the exact number.) Lay out the 64 squares in 8 rows of 8 squares each If you only cut them 3 1/2″ they will end up being too small by a quarter of an inch.For Heidi's technique of doing 8 at once (4 squares) you would need two contrasting pieces 7 3/4″ sq. (2 x 3 7/8 = 7 3/4) Some people round up to an inch larger and just trim and square each one before piecing into the quilt Method To Sew Together: Step (3) Lay block (1) on top of block (2). Pin lining on block (1) back out of seams way and sew edge of two blocks together. Flatten seam and whip the lining on block (1) down flat over the seam. Either put together in strips or make a square and keep adding blocks. Finish edge with a binding Step 12: Sewing Your Squares. Time too sew your squares. Start at any corner and sew a line from 1 corner too the other as straight a you can. Then take your square and do the same on the other side. You can also use a washable fabric marker too mark your X for a straighter stitich line

See chart above for the correct number of 9-1/2 squares to cut from background fabric for your quilt size. 2. Cut out six 2-1/2 squares of print fabric for each Cathedral Window unit. 3. Press under 1/4 on all four sides of each 9-1/2 square. 4. Fold opposite corners into the middle of the square. Press with hot iron For the large triangles, cut 6 squares 7.25 square. Cut the squares twice from corner to corner with an X to get 4 large triangles from each square. You need 22 triangles for the quilt, this will give you 24 so you have 2 extra 'just in case'. Corner quarter blocks: Make 2 quarter blocks with DARK wings around a light triangle an Highlight 5 charm squares between 2-1⁄2-wide fabric strips in a quilt-as-you-go table runner to make home decor in no time. Get the free quilt pattern here. Free Fat Quarter-Friendly Quilt Patterns. Free Fat Eighth-Friendly Quilt Patterns. Quilt Patterns That Use 10-Inch Squares. 6 of 12. View All By cutting a 10″ fabric square into strips, you can build a more traditional style, like the Espresso Road quilt pattern. and a simple, modern design,like the Stomp or Tweet kids quilt, An hour glass quilt is quick and easy cutting from a ten inch square. Made up of 2 half square triangles using a 10 inch or layer cake square

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To calculate final size from your starting squares. Example using 3″ squares. Short answer: (Square Size × 3) − 2″ Example: 3″ times 3 equals 9″; 9″ minus 2″ equals 7″. 3″ squares make a 7″ disappearing nine-patch block. Long answer: Add together a row of squares. Example: 3″ times 3 pieces (a row) equals 9 fabric. Press open, and repeat for however many units you'd like to make. The quilt top shown below uses 18 strips, 6 each of light, medium and dark fabrics, and 4 strips for the borders. You can easily modify this by using 4 or 5 strips which will make bigger squares. 2. Trim one edge of each unit. Using your ruler, measure 6.5 and cu Log In. Log In. Forgot Account Calculates the amount of fabric required to put a border around your quilt given the quilt's dimensions (width and length) and the border's width. You may specify up to 5 borders. Piece Count Calculator. Determines the number of fixed-sized pieces of fabric that may be cut from a larger piece of fabric. Strip Calculator

Many beautiful, free Charm Pack Quilt Patterns. What is a charm pack you may ask? Charm packs are collections of precut squares (usually 5″ x 5″), you can find precut squares in many different sizes to fit your needs, too Most of our sizes use a 15 square, but depending on the design of the t-shirt we sometimes use a 12.5 square. Approximate Sizes: 9 Shirts (Wall) 54x54 Without Sashing. 57x57 With Sashing. 12 Shirts (Lap) 54x68 Without Sashing. 57x73 With Sashing. 16 Shirts (Stadium This helps to square up the quilt top and keep the borders from being wavy. Select a border style and enter your planned border widths and fabric widths. If not calculating yardage required for borders, set the border widths to 0. Click the Calculate button. Your results will appear on the right in bold text below the measurement illustration Say, you want to make a queen sized hexagon quilt. My Master Size Guide says that a queen quilt with a 12 drop (the quilt hangs over the bed on the sides and at the foot) is 84 x 92. For our planning purposes, let's round those numbers up to the nearest 10. We will plan for 90 x 100 for buying our fabric. A 90 x 100 quilt means 9 blocks.

See how many ways you can transform the fabrics in your charm quilt into full quilt patterns. Perhaps try making a picnic quilt with this Styled and Sashed Modern Garden Quilt. You could also sew for your next DIY baby shower gift with this cute Charming Lucy Quilt Pattern!These free charm pack quilt patterns will keep you busy for a few hours or a few days, depending on how much time you have Step 1. Place two 3.75-inch backing squares together with right sides facing each other. Place a 3.75-inch batting square on the backing squares, then a dark 3.75 square (right side facing up), a light 3.75-inch square (wrong side facing up) and another 3.75-inch batting square. Position the fabrics in the serger so that no fabrics will be. I love this quilt because it is a beautiful modern design that is also fast to sew up. Depending on the size of your squares, you can make it as a baby quilt, all the way up to an 80″ by 80″ large quilt. Plus, it's easy to make with pre-cut squares from a layer cake There would be 11 rows across and 11 columns down, and each finished square would measure 1.5, which would make a finished quilt 16.5 square. Much more manageable than a queen size quilt! A mock-up: Take a look at the four identical segments I talked about before. The 'X's down the vertical and horizontal centers of the quilt divide it into. 8. Sew along the edges, leaving a 10 inch opening so you can flip the quilt right side out. 9. Trim the edges to a scant 1/4 inch. 10. Flip the quilt right side out. 11. Hand or machine sew the opening closed. You could iron the edges flat and topstitch around the edges, though I chose not to do this for time sake

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Quilter's Paradise - Free Shape Calculator. Shape Calculator. The shape calculator is used to perform 2 types of calculations. First, given one dimension of a shape, it will calculate the other dimensions for that shape. For example, suppose you have a Half Square Triangle and know the length of the side of the triangle, but want to know the. 20 Easy Square Quilt Patterns. No complex or intricate fabric piecing is required and there are no stretchy fabric. bias edges to deal with (as opposed to quilts made with triangular fabric pieces). It. can also be a great quilt design for an experienced quilter looking for a quick-to-. make project This is likely the easiest way to add to your quilt. To keep the blocks or designs centered on the surface of the bed, borders should be added to the sides and bottom of the quilt (the part that will hang over the sides of the bed). Only add to the top of the quilt if you need to make the design bigger to fit the surface of the bed How many fat quarters make a queen size quilt? Aside from jelly rolls, a fat quarter is another term you will likely read about when quilting. When you say a fat quarter, it is a ¼ yard (22.86 cm.) cut of fabric. This is about 18 inches X 22 inches (45.7 cm. X 55.9 cm.) of fabric cut. A queen-size quilt will need about 30 to 35 fat quarters If you cut 50 squares and assemble them according to this method, you will end up with 50 HSTs. As I mentioned, I like to make mine a little big and trim them, so that's how I'm going to make mine. Using the example above, I want my HSTs to be 5 1/2″ (so that their finished size in my quilt is 5″.) So, I'm going to cut 2 squares which.


Like I mentioned above, if you are, for example, sewing a quilt with ALL five inch squares, a uniform seam allowance is all that matters. But if you are, for example, sewing a quilt with 6 inch squares and 3 1/4 inch squares, you must use a 1/4 inch foototherwise your seams will not line up You will sew your fabric prairie points to your quilt with a 1/4 seam allowance. Here's the math to add the allowance: Size to cut fabric square = size of paper square + 1/2 For example, if you liked the point size you got from a 3 square, you'll need to cut fabric squares that measure 3 1/2

To make the patchwork quilt with the panel. Cut out the individual squares from the panel along the dotted lines. The squares in the Let's Be Mermaids panel are 9″ x 9″, to make the panel pieces work with the precut stack of fabric, trim them down to 9″ x 9″. Since the precut is so nicely stacked you can easily cut multiple pieces at. The Queen B finishes at 36'' square. You will need: eleven (11) pieces of fabric, one for each of the main colors.. The minimum size fabric you'll need is a fat eighth (9 x 21''). Two (2) jelly roll strips of each color will also work. For my Queen B, I chose rich jewel tone colors from the American Made Brand solids

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Quilting Tutorial for Beginners: Super SIMPLE Squares Quilt Tutorial. If you have been learning how to sew and want a fun sewing project to practice stitching straight seams, this Quilting Tutorial for Beginners: Super SIMPLE Squares Quilt Tutorial is the perfect project!. When I am learning a new skill, I like to have some introductory information to help me see the bigger picture Full: 54×75 inches (450 squares 18×25) Queen: 60×80 inches (540 squares 20×27) King: 76×80 inches (702 squares 26×27) For the puffs, you need to cut 5-inch squares and 4-inch squares. The 5-inch squares are what you'll see (the puffs). The 4-inch squares will be completely encased in your quilt, so it doesn't matter what they look like Learn how to make sweet keepsakes and works of art that last as long as gems themselves with this compilation of free diamond quilt patterns.<br /> <br /> You don't need to be an expert to make something as beautiful as a diamond quilt because this guide provides a list of block and quilt patterns for quilters of all levels. Whether you quilt every weekend or you're just getting.

For the center square of the fabric, a 1 ¼ wide strip of fabric (WOF) will be enough for 32 blocks. Examples of fabric requirements for different quilt sizes using the 4 Log Cabin Template: Small Wall Quilt with 2 ½-Inch Border: Size: 32 x 40 7×9 block layout. 63 total block For a small quilt you won't need this many squares. Begin by cutting a dozen squares of each color and then cut more as you need them so you don't end up with a ton of leftover squares. If you want to do the same 9-patch layout that I did then you'll need some neutral background fabric as well— which I will refer to as spacers. Figuring out the number of squares needed for your quilt. There are 56 squares total (7*8=56). However, we also need the same number of squares for the back of the quilt. So our total number of squares is 56*2=112. (Note: if you are using batting as the middle layer in your quilt, you will need to cut 56 squares of batting The size of a fat quarter. I used 22 inches wide, 18 inches long, and a 1/4 inch seam allowance. You could knock that down to 20 by 16 if you want to be more conservative with selvedges. Here's how to do the math: Width of the batting - your overage = A. Length of the batting - your overage = B. A / (width of your fat quarter - 2x seam allowance Your queen sized Jelly Roll Race Quilt, with horizontal strips, and no border, will take 64 strips for the initial quilt + 32 strips for the add-on section = 96 strips need for the whole Jelly Roll Race Quilt top. So you need 3 fabric jelly rolls (with 40 fabric strips in each jelly roll) to make this quilt. A quicker formula to just figure out.

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Scrappy Orange Peel Quilt Pattern Sizes. Together the blocks make a scrappy orange peel quilt pattern so no overall yardage is given but here are the number of blocks needed for a particular quilt size: Baby: 12 Blocks, 3 x 4 Rows, 36 x 48 inches; Twin: 30 blocks, 4 x 6 rows, 48 x 72 inches; Queen: 56 blocks, 7 x 8 rows, 84 x 96 inche The blanket pictured above is 7 squares wide, by 9 squares long. I used a worsted weight yarn, and made 5-row granny squares. Just repeat the pattern for the granny square for an additional 2 rows for this look. These squares came out to be around 5″x5″, making the blanket approximately 35″ x 45″ The Side Setting Triangles on the quilt above are in yellow. To cut them so that the bias is on the inside and the straight of grain along the edge, you must start with an oversize square and cut it on an X. The diagram to the left illustrates this. The formula for this is: Size of the finished on-point block times 1.414, then add 1 1/4 inche

Press the blocks and square them up. They are now ready to use in a quilt. Here are the two blocks that came from the strip sets you saw in this tutorial. Here's the positive block: And here's the negative block: And to inspire you to use nine patch blocks in a quilt of your own, here's a nine-patch quilt I made a few years ago Quilt Size: 83 x 83. Jenny Doan demonstrates how to make an easy version of the classic Carpenter Star quilt block using 10 inch squares of precut fabric (layer cakes). For this project, Jenny chose an Abby Rose Layer Cake by Robin Pickens for Moda Fabrics. This traditional quilt is also known as the Star of Bethlehem and Carpenter's Star The colors are so bold and look amazing with the Twister Tool. First, lay out the 36 charm squares that you want to use. Sew 6 squares together to create a row, repeat this to create 6 rows. Press the seams on each row going in the opposite direction. Sew the 6 rows together to create one big block that is 6 squares across by 6 squares down Cut 2 pieces 2.5 x 5 of white fabric. Sew to the center square using 1/4 seam allowance. Press. Cut 2 pieces 2.5 x 9 of white fabric. Sew to the top and bottom of the block

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Standard Queen size is 86 x 93. Using the same method as in the Twin section, just use 3 sets of 35 strips to make 3 segments measuring 87.5 If you want the extra 4 to make the quilt at least 104, simply add a one‐strip‐wide border all the way around the quilt - you'll need. Using 44-inch-wide Fabric. You will need three lengths of 44-inch-wide fabric to make a queen size comforter. Three lengths of fabric would have a total width of 132 inches. This will provide plenty of fabric for the 60-inch top, 24 inches of overhang on each side and four inches of seam allowances The biggest element to this task is, of course, collecting the old jeans. Depending on the size of quilt you want, you'll need many pairs. My quilt is about 6' x 6', and has 144 six-inch squares in it. I found that I could get about 4 squares out of a pair of jeans, so I needed about 36 pairs for the whole project 108 x 108 = 338 ten inch squares. This will make your finished quilt 13 squares wide and 13 square long. Materials Needed: - 26 yards of fabric (13 different coordinating fabrics - 2 yards each) - 7 yards of 48 wide batting (169 eight inch squares) or one King Size roll of packaged batting cut into eight inch squares I've decided to make my version of the Double Wedding Ring quilt into a bedrunner for the end of my bed. I have two dogs and a cat that regularly sleep on (or in) our bed, so there's no point in me spending that much time making a queen size heirloom type quilt