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Sliding mast track Base w/ US cup ideal for Mistral mast tracks (1989 and newer), modern Cobra Mast track on Kona, Exocet, SB and RS-X. Learn More. $89.00. Add to Wish List. Out of stock. Add to Compare. Chinook Tendon Only. Rating: 0%. Replacement urethane tendon joint for Chinook tendon base systems Current Page: Mast Base RDM cam Board Bags Clothing Mast Base All; Mast base - Titanium 179.00. Mast base - Stainless steel 96.00. Contact | alex@phantom-windsurfing.com. SALES & TERMS. E-WARRANTY. PRODUCT CARE. MANUALS. SHIPPING COSTS.

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  1. A windsurf behavior can be described as maneuverability and speed (when the mast base is shifted back), or better control (mast base shifted forward). Maneuverability could translate, for example, into the effect of 'riding the fin', when the board is barely touching, flying over the water
  2. Mast base or Mast foot Made by Chinook with Extension windsurfing boards mast track. Fits in to the fin box style mast base holders. This is for standard size masts- no the reduced orskinny masts
  3. 1-Bolt Mechanical Mast Base US Cup $ 81.00 Add to cart; 2-Bolt Quick Release Rubber Mast Base US Cup $ 93.00 Add to cart; Chinook 1 Bolt Tendon Windsurfing Mast Base Euro-Pin EX $ 98.00 Add to cart; Cobra Mistral Euro Pin mast Foot Mast Base Sale! $ 79.00 $ 69.00 Add to cart; Chinook 1 Bolt Twist-On Windsurfing Mast Base Rubber US Base Cup $ 81.
  4. Windsurfing mast bases and extensions for every type of current windsurfing board and rig, visit Isthmus Sailboards for the largest selection and best prices in one location. Click on a category to find the right mast base and mast extension gear for your needs. Windsurfing mast bases and mast extensions are available in a variety of.
  5. The windsurfing mast and its base is crucial for the stability of the sail while riding. More than any other component of a windsurfer's rig, the mast is most responsible for dictating the weight. Therefore, you want to purchase a lightweight mast that allows for a proper bend and does not weigh you down. Purchasing the wrong mast can ruin the performance of any sail, even the best ones
  6. Windsurfing bases, mast bases, universal joints, uj's, extensions from Chinook and Streamlined for sale at the Sailworks online windsurfing store and retail location based in Hood River, Oregon. Sailworks is a windsurfing sail manufacturer and a windsurfing equipment retailer both online and directly from our R & D loft in Hood River, Oregon

It is the rubber piece that made the mobile sail possible and as such - windsurfing !!! The mast base has three(3) major parts. The portion that connects to the board - more or less standard now, the universal joint or a variation there-of and the actual base that connects to the mast extension WINDANCE is the largest online Used Gear Shop in the World. Notes: Consign your used gear here. You Price it - We Sell it. See rules. Windance rates all gear on a scale from A+ to C-, see ratings system. We do our best to ensure all gear is in good working order & rated fairly 1-Bolt Tendon Mast Base Euro-Pin EX. $98.00. 2-Bolt Quick Release Tendon Mast Base Euro-Pin EX. $110.00. 1-Bolt Mechanical Mast Base Euro-Pin EX. $90.00. 2-Bolt Quick Release Mast Base Universal Complete Euro-Pin. $104.00. 2-Bolt Quick Release Upper Mast Base Universal Euro-Pin

Epoxy 2 Piece SDM Mast. Product Details The Chinook Sailing Epoxy and Fiberglass Mast is a strong economical option for sailers on a budget. Chinook Epoxy Fiberglass SDM masts fill the void left by the carbon craze. Windsurfing doesn't have to be... MSRP: Now: $147.00 This can be particular a convenient feature for windsurf schools and rental centres who need to stack or store boards as efficiently as possible, or who wish to make is less easy to remove the baseplate. A disadvantage with the double t-nut system is that the available range on the mast track is limited by the off-centre bolts Chinook US Cup Windsurfing Mast Bases and Universal Joints for sale at the Sailworks online windsurfing store and retail location based in Hood River, Oregon. Sailworks is a windsurfing sail manufacturer and a windsurfing equipment retailer bo Tahe (Bic) Wind 00cm Mast Base. $29.00. PRODUCT SOLD OUT. Bic 293OD Mast Base. PRODUCT. Severne Wave Grenade Extension Base Cup Kit. $22.00. Euro-Pin For Mechanical. $24.00. Tendon Screw and Lock Nut-Euro-Pin (Set) $5.25. Deck Washer. $4.25. Spring Pin For Base Cup

Mast Bases Streamlined Quick-lock Universal Joint $ 69.50 - $ 115.00. Add to Wishlist. Sale! Select options. Quick View. Mast Bases Duotone iBase 2.0 $ 46.95 - $ 110.95. Add to Wishlist. THE MOST ADVANCE UNIVERSAL JOINT/BASE ON THE MARKET! Select options RDM Mast Extension +Tendon Joint Mast Base Windsurfing Water Sport Accessory. $137.08. Was: $144.30. Free shipping. 17 watching Chinook 2-bolt Base Rubber Joint Upper. $63.00. PRODUCT. Bic (Tahe) Universal Joint Mast Foot. $59.00. PRODUCT. Bic Tendon Mast Foot. $59.95. PRODUCT SOLD OUT - High performance premium nylon windsurf mast foot base tendon joint baseplate with stainless steel M8 pin fitting and standard spare tendon joint for mast foot - Special foldable mast foot base, high strength, strong, durable, easy and convenient to use - 180 Degree swivel rotatable at joint part - Universal fit - Great replacement.

The Quick-lock board attachment system allows you to connect and disconnect the board from the rig under the joint and above the joint with the base. The bridge plate that stays on the board and is the thinnest, smallest and least intrusive connection in windsurfing Windsurfing Mast Extension Rod Extender Base Mount Adapter Fit for SDM Thick Masts 35cm for Windsurfing, sailboard and Surfing Water Sports. $86.59 $ 86 . 59 FREE Shippin Chinook Mast Base, basic attachment process with an idea on how to salvage some parts when a bolt is stuck Need a new windsurf mast extension? Look no further than 24-7 Boardsports hand picked range of the best extensions, extenders, bases and UJs on the market. We stock extentions from Mystic, North, Naish, NP & Neil Pryde, Nautix & streamline. Alloy or carbon, Whatever you need we have the extention for you

DETAILS. The Chinook Tendon 2-Bolt US Windsurfing Base blends efficiency, durability and convenience. The tendon provides a positive, direct transfer or rig power into a board, as well as shock absorption for a smooth ride through chop, and for jumping Mast base - Stainless steel — Phantom Windsurfing. Mast Base Mast base - Stainless steel. Mast base - Stainless steel. 96.00. Incl. 20% VAT, excl. Shipping Cost. The lowest mast base available on the market. Height: 62mm. Weight: 287g. Quantity Neil Pryde MXT Windsurfing Mast Base £65.00 Neil Pryde UXT Windsurfing Mast Base £65.00 Race Board Mast Foot (RSX/Phantom) £59.00 Severne Base North Pin £62.00 Streamlined Windsurfing Mast Base Euro Pin £85.00 Streamlined Windsurfing Mast Base US Pin £85.00 Unifiber Boge PRO Mast Base U-Pin £49.0 This is the part of the mast extension base receiving the U-pin. Most mast extension base parts are produced from Nylon (plastic), which over time does show wear. When made from stainless steel the wear between the U-pin and mast extension base is considerably less, helping to maintain a solid board / rig connection

Murrays Has The Watersports Parts & Accessories You Need To Have More Fun. Shop Today Windsurf mast base with no extension. The store will not work correctly in the case when cookies are disabled Now: $98.00. Add to Cart Compare. Quick view. 2-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base US Base Cup. Product Details The all new Chinook Sailing 2-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base US Base Cup features all of the advantages of a tendon base with the added features of a mechanical base. Same shock absorption as standard Tendon bases for.. The Goya Base windsurfing mast base is compatible with the Euro Pin extensions below. Additional information. Type: 1-Bolt RUBBER, 1-Bolt TENDON, 2-Bolt RUBBER, 2-Bolt TENDON, 1-Bolt MECHANICAL, 2-Bolt MECHANICAL, 2-Bolt UPPER w/ Rubber Joint, 2-Bolt UPPER w/ Tendon Joint, 2-Bolt UPPER w/ Mech. Joint, 1-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base, 2-Bolt Pro Flex.

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Windsurf. All Spare Parts. All Spare Parts. Daggerboards. Explore Daggerboards. T293 DAGGERBOARD LIP FRONT PLATE. $ 4.95. T293 DAGGERBOARD LIP + SUPPORT - 1 SIDE. $ 19.95 Chinook 1-Bolt Rubber Mast Base - US Cup. $81.00. PRODUCT. Chinook 1-Bolt Tendon Mast Base - Euro Pin. $98.00. PRODUCT. Chinook 2-Bolt Quick Release Mechanical Mast Base - US Cup. $90.00. PRODUCT Mast base stuck in mast. 11 months 2 weeks ago #9. Paul- low tech is quickest and easiest. Take a screwdriver and place in the pin holes on the base (you will hold the screwdriver to twist from this end) , then get 2-3 people to help twist on the mast a few feet above the base. Twist back and forth , while pulling

Manufacturer of windsurf accessories : windsurfing boom, extension, mast bases, carbon mast, kid and school rig The mast base plate (one bolt vs two bolt) and the joint (tendon, hourglass, mechanical) are independent. I prefer the two-bolt base plate because I've had the one-bolt version rip out of the deck box and because it's a PITA to insert and remove a one-bolt base eeeeeeevery time I go sailing

The story starts with this years East Coast Windsurfing Festival. With light winds on both days, I used my Kona Mahalo for both racing and freestyle. The Mahalo is long and big enough to work as a tandem, but it served me well enough to get a trophy for both events. I looked for a mast base, but the only single-screw base they had was. It is a Tyronsea mast base with a broken tendon. The mastbase has a cylindrical top end which slots inside the hollow cylindrical base of the carbon-fibre mast. The mast itself has a 48.5mm internal diameter at the base where it sleeves over the mast-base upper section. The mast is 4.65m long according to the specs panel and is a single section windsurfing mast base 1-Bolt Tendon Euro-Pin EX. Contact. windsurfing mast base. 1-Bolt Tendon Euro-Pin EX. 1-Bolt Twist-On Mast Base Universal Complete Euro-Pin Tendon joint provides excellent performance Easy to service and replace Stainless steel components Very low to the deck Four finger ribs for easy. http://www.helm-sport.com/On the Helmsports Youtube channel, we are absolutely dedicated to presenting information about equipment that you don't always get. The Mystic Mast Base Pad is a windsurfing mast base joint protection pad made of EVA foam, sold individually

windsurfing Description Item no. 69140 ECKLA-DELTA-BASE with Euro Pin and Tendon Joint M10 the new ergonomic mast base with high elastic rubber joint, for surfboards with fin box You look for booms, masts, XTs & bases or tuning parts? Then check out the latest DUOTONE windsurfing hardware and complete your gear Mast Base Washer - Mast Base Washer - 8mm brass t-nut for your windsurfing mast base. This is stepped, so it will work with boards that have an EVA deck without any trouble. Always good to have an extra on hand! MASTEXTENSION 32cm. MASTEXTENSION 32cm - MASTEXTENSION 32cm - This is the standard Bic mast extension that comes with a Techno 293 One.

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SXS is the ultimate stop for high quality equipment and accessories for maximum performance. We specialize in pre-owned motorcycles, ATV's, New and used Windsurf gear and more. For further information about us, visit our office or give us a call at 1-507-387-7433 1*Windsurf Mast Base Windsurfing One-Bolt Tendon Mast Foot Base Plate Sail Base. Brand New. C $55.05. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. or Best Offer. Free shipping. from China. Y S 0 p o M N n s 4 o r O e d 8 C H 7. Heavy Duty Windsurfing Mast Sail Base Tendon Joint Windsurf Baseplate Universal. Brand New. C $61.31. Top Rated Seller Top Rated. Windsurf Mast Bases. Make sure you have a premium Windsurf Mast base keep piece of mind that your kit is going to hold together. Here at WetnDry we have worked closely with the top Windsurf brands including Neil Pryde, Duotone, Chinook and Radz to ensure we provide you with the best possible kit Note: Always clean the mast step holes to remove all sand before inserting the mast base. Going Sailing. Assemble the board and rig as described in the assembly manual included with your windsurfing kit. Make sure there is no sand in the mast step hole before you insert the mast base Windsurfing Accessories , GPS and Windmeter , Masts , DVD Windsurf , Mast Extensions , Quick View. Chinook One Bolt Mechanical Mast Base US Cup. 0 54 2021

BIC Windsurf Tendon-joint mast base is the benchmark in terms of reliability in the windsurfing market. - Recommended for regular users practicing windsurfing in freeride or competition (both stiff and solid). - Urethane tendon issued from the latest BIC R&D, and manufactured with very high-quality resin ensuring outstanding reliability Size: 370 / Status: New Fiberspar Breeze 370 Mast The breeze was developed as a soft, recreational/beginner mast needed for smaller sailors and... $200.00 New Fiberspar Carbon Euro-Pin SDM Short Extension Base

Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Chinook Windsurfing Mast Base at the best online prices at eBay! Free shipping for many products Re: Question about mast base. I like the mechanical two bolt best. It is more idiot proof (which is really important to me) because even if you don't tighten one bolt enough, the other one can keep the base in place. In fact, even if both are too lose, it is quite difficult for the mast to become detached from the board Windsurfing 1 Bolt Twist-On Mast Base Rubber Euro Pin Base. $ 85.00. Windsurfing one Bolt Twist-On Mast Base Universal Complete Euro Euro Pin Base Cup. Out of stock. SKU: ch1bolt.pin.rub.ft Categories: CHINOOK, WINDSURFING, Windsurfing Bases Tags: 1 bolt, base, chinook, euro pin, euro pin ex, foot, rubber, windsurfing. Description

Windsurf Mast Base Protector . €12.00. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. Windsurf Tendon Base Screw M8x30 . €2.70. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. Windsurf Washer Plug . €1.69. Add to Cart. Wish List Compare. View as Grid List. 13 Items . Show. per page. Sort By. Set Descending. Monday: 10am - 6pm: Tuesday: 10am - 6pm: Wednesday: 10am - 6pm: Thursday: 10am - 6pm: Friday: 10am - 6pm: Saturday: 10am - 4pm: Sunday: Close Booms, Masts & Bases. Light, or lighter; we carry a wide range of alloy and carbon booms from Chinook and Maui Sails that will meet your needs for any occasion (well, at least on the water). And what is a boom, without a mast? We stock Maui Sails masts, including RDM, from 100% carbon beauties through to 30% mix workhorses Windsurfing board parts like mast feet, extensions, and bases, fins, footstraps, and more. We stock and sell many parts for windsurfers, many of which are hard to find and may not be listed. Please call if you can't find what you are looking for RRD MAST BASE CONE PROTECTOR Specifically designed for the use of a sail on a SUP board. The combination of a mechanical universal joint and a rubber joint, allows to attach the rig while lying flat on the water directly to the board

UNIFIBER Windsurfing / SUP Removable Baseplate Mechanical UJ Mast foot base euro. £49.95. Click & Collect. £2.00 postage. Only 1 left Unifiber Aluminium Mast Extension Cross Pulley (U Pin) RDM 45cm. S$95.00. Streamlined RDM Extension for US Base. From S$115.00. Sold Out. Streamlined RDM extension Euro Pin. From S$115.00. Streamlined SDM Pin Extension. From S$125.00 This NeilPryde Mast Base Protector looks good, is of the highest quality, and is great to protect your toes against impact with your deckplate. This NeilPryde Mast Base Protector is a pre-formed protection product, to prevent your toes from contacting the deckplate MASTS & BOOMS. MASTS SDM. Standard Diameter Mast. 100 SDM. 80 SDM. 70 SDM. 50 SDM. MASTS RDM. Reduced Diameter Mast. 100 RDM. 80 RDM. 70 RDM. 50 RDM. GA FOXX. MAST EXTENSIONS. TEAM EXTENSION SDM/RDM -32/48 cm. ALLOY EXTENSION SDM/RDM -30/45 cm. GA PRO BASE. BOOMS. SLIM CARBON PRO. CARBON PRO RACE. CARBON PRO WAVE. HYBRID LINE. BLACK LINE. In a rare act of giving back, the reef offered up a pristine streamlined red line aluminum mast extension with US base two pin system! The reef has spoken, I am ditching carbon and staying with the US system. It was just sitting there in one of the crevices along the reef. No corrosion. No broken mast nearby. No uni attached

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Fox Watersports 47108 Hwy 12 Buxton, NC 27920 252-995-4102 252-995-4372 Email: foxsurf@foxwatersports.co windsurfing Mast base single bolt US cup windsurfing Hawaii. C $75.23 + C $18.81 shipping + C $18.81 shipping + C $18.81 shipping. Windsurf Mast Extension - Chinook - SDM - US Cup. C $73.98 + C $10.03 shipping + C $10.03 shipping + C $10.03 shipping. Chinook Windsurf Rig Winch (US Base) Downhaul Crank - Excellent Condition Severne windsurfing sails, booms, masts, base, extensions for sailboarding in Australia Severne build quality products for windsurfing, with sails, booms, mast extensions and windsurfing boards. Severne now set themselves apart from the rest of the industry through their environmental mission. With great sails and rig components for: All around windsurfing, slalom and GPS sailing, and wave.

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Windsurf mast base types. The mast base is an important piece of gear needed for windsurfers in order to ensure their board and sail are set up properly and able to support their movements out in the water. The mast base is the portion of gear that allows your rig to function and provides the needed tension for your sail to gain power Product Details. The all new Chinook Sailing 1-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base US Base Cup features all of the advantages of a tendon base with the added features of a mechanical base. Same shock absorption as standard Tendon bases for less stress on board, & sailor. Uses standard Chinook Tendon for easy serviceability Add to Compare. Chinook 2-Bolt Pro Flex Mast Base US Cup Upper. Rating: 0%. $92.00. Add to Wish List. Add to Cart. Add to Compare. Chinook 2-Bolt Quick Release Mechanical Euro Mast Base

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NoLimitz masts are made to a constant curve and work great with a wide variety of sail brands, as shown above. NoLimitz mast's ferrules are compatible with each other which allows the mixing of different sizes to meet different lengths or bend criteria. For example, you can match a 340 base with a 370 top The optimum mast base position allows me to hold an upright posture, both legs are equally loaded and the board fly s freely across the water says PWA rider Karin Jaggi. The optimum mast base position is dependant on several factors: Sail type, brand, and size, i.e. a slalom or wave sail? Where is the centre of effort in the sail Ion Mast Base Protector. $ 29.95. Covered with durable PU surface foot protection. Size. Choose an option 48/S 50/M 52/L. Color. Choose an option Black Blue Melange. Clear. Ion Mast Base Protector quantity Duotone DTW EPX Base + Tendon. Regular price $119.99 Save $-119.99. /. Tax included. Shipping calculated at checkout. The North EXP Base with the tendon is the proven windsurfing mast base with tool-less mounting and easy adjustment. Close (esc) Neilpryde UXT Mast Extension. Regular price $164.99 Save $-164.99 There is likely a nut within the mast base on the board side you can undo. You'll be able to buy a uni joint that is M8 on one side and euro pin on the other to substitute what's on there. Then you can just use a normal extension. Obviously it's a bit to spend but that's the best option. 1

The Mast and Mast Base. The mast is the pole that the sail is attached to. Although often overlooked, the mast is crucial for windsurfing because it influences the sail's wind range, the weight of your entire rig, and could easily hinder your windsurfing progress if you're using a mast that's unfit for your sail Shop for windsurfing bases & extensions at AquaticHero.com, an online paddleboarding, windsurfing, kayaking and kitesurfing gear store! Free USA Shipping on Qualified Orders ‪(512) 553-6926 A windsurfing mast must have an overall stiffness within the range specified by the sailmaker for any given sail. Stiffness is measured by supporting the mast at each end and applying a 30kg weight to the middle. The mid-point deflection figure is applied to a formula that takes account of the mast's length to give an IMCS number (Indexed. windsurf mast base Min. Order: 50 Pieces FOB Price: $22.00 - $30.00 / Piece. windsurf mast base windsurf mast base Min. Order: 50 Pieces FOB Price: $22.00 - $30.00 / Piece. See all products in showcase. Email to this supplier Product Categories WINDSURFING SAILS. FREERIDE SAIL.

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The tighter the mast base is tightened, the more securely it sits. With the 211-Base, on the other hand, the horizontal force component is absorbed by a firmly screwed sliding block like a 2-bolt mast base system. PRE-ORDER - 211 - Base, windsurf mast foot system (pre-order) €69.90 Regular Price. €55.92 Sale Price. Quantity. Add to Cart. VOLCANO MAST BASE. This simple yet effective mast foot protector provides safety to your feet in action-packed days. Made with an interior foam core wall protected by black ripstop D600, and a velcro closure that will allow to easily open it when allowing you to access your base at every moment 3 sails,size 5.5,5.7,6.5...2 masts,430 & 460,1board 263cm length,69 width,volume 735,booms 2 with harness rings,mast base 2,base board attachments 2,harness 1.Extra board straps. $100 Windsurfing Equipmen A correctly rigged windsurfing sail is easily spotted. The entire sail structure is tight, not baggy, there aren't horizontal creases, the sail doesn't touch the boom's sides, and the clew reaches the end. Always get the sail bottom as close as possible to the mast base. The boom should be tight to the mast and set between your shoulder and chin I mostly use 6.5 and 5.6 m sails with my Stingray 140, with the mast foot at 131 cm. Boom height matters a bit - if the boom is very high for extra power at light wind, the mast base can go a bit more forward. The mast base further forward can also make all-out pumping easier. Every now and then, I start foiling with the mast base all the way.

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The Windsurfing section of the Wiki contains a detailed list. How to Rig. Find mast and boom requirements that are printed on the foot of the sail (units are in centimeters) Locate corresponding mast,boom, and base with mast extension; Use short mast extension on ≤ 430 cm masts and long extension on ≥ 460 cm masts The Windsurf Mast Foot Base analysis offers detailed information about the development, trends, and industry policies and regulations executed in each of the main regions (North America, Europe. ION Windsurfing Mast Base Protector is a stylish mastbase protector prevents damages to your foot in case you get contact to your mast base. Covered with durable protection surface these protectors are available from H20 with at the Lowest Online Price, plus Free Shipping BIC WINDSURF - - BIC TRIG Mast base 00cm (top mast base 1 Piece Windsurfing Mast Base 1 Piece Mast Extention. Note: Please allow slightly difference due to manual measurement. Color may be slightly different since different monitor. Thanks! We have many years of experience in selling merchandise online, we are focus on providing best product and service to customers

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Goya Windsurfing masts pair beautifully with virtually any sail out there. The masts help keep the power locked low and forwards and also enhance a smooth progressive twist for top end control- this is the Progressive Flex pattern of Goya masts and any sail will benefit from this concept. Hundred Pro. RDM. Hundred Pro Sail Base 360° Adjustable Windsurf Mast Base Heavy Duty Windsurfing Base Sa N6V7. £24.99 + £1.99 P&P + £1.99 P&P + £1.99 P&P. Seller 98.9% positive Seller 98.9% positive Seller 98.9% positive. Spare Replacement Mast Foot Tendon Joint for Windsurfing Surf Water Sport. £7.52 Windsurfing Tendon Joint Pin Fitting Mast Foot Base Plate+RDM Mast Extension. Log In ; or; Create Account ; My Wishlist ; Currency: $ USD $ - USD € - EUR £ - GBP; CA $ - CAD; AU $ - AUD; Shopping Cart Windsurfing Tendon Joint Pin Fitting Mast Foot Base Plate+RDM Mast Extension. or 4 fortnightly payments from $ 34.75 with More info. The Mast Base range from Aeron. RANGE. Choose an option U-Pin Push-Pin Clear. Aeron Mast Base quantity. Add to cart. SKU: N/A Category: RIG. Additional information. Reviews (0

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WindSports Alberta - Windsurfing Calgary Alberta Canada. Mast Base US 2 Bolt Tendon Chinook. $136.19. 2021 June 21 - one only remains in stock - 2020 price US$98.00 / $143.00 CAD with GST - Chinook Two-Bolt Quick Release Tendon Mast Base US - - Tendon joint provides excellent performance and is easy to replace Chinook mast base with tendon joint. Simple single screw twist-on attachment to mast track of boards. Note the tendon joint is also available as a separate part. Features of these windsurfing mast bases include: Tendon joint provides excellent performance and is easy to replac UJs, mast bases, bogeys... Whatever you call them, they're one of the most important pieces of your entire kit. Make sure they're in good condition, and replace worn parts. We have both US Cup and Euro Pin connections, so make sure you get the right style. Not sure what to get? Contact us- We're here to help The way the mast base attaches and slides is very different also. The Mistral simply pops in and turn the plate - et voilà !! The CAT has a lock pin and the track locks on one side with a finite number of positions - about five , while the Equipe has ten markings, but with the rope setup seems to stop anywhere you want Complete Rig Package: Mast, Boom, Sail, Mast foot/base Ready for your Windsurfer or SUP/Stand Up Paddleboard Windsurfing ready board Durable dacron sail construction, lightweight mast and boom Perfect for learning and recreational Windsurfing and SUP Sailing 8 Available sizes from 2.5m² -> 6.0 m² to meet your specific needs and condition

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THE SUP WINDSURFING SAILS IN DETAIL. THE CLASSIC. The Classic describes the rig package that uses a two-piece mast and a two-piece boom. 1.2, 2.0, 3.0: all-new sails, replacing the Kids sails and the Start sails. The 1.2 and 2.0 features a mini-mast that replicates the right stiffness and flex of a larger sail for these tiny sizes Re: Chinook Bolt Pro Mast Base. I have used it a couple of time and it works well, easy connection even though I don't foil. A minor concern is that on mine the tendon is considerably shorter than standard tendon, and therefore does not flex as well as a standard tendon. Since its not a full mechanical joint (just half of one), certain. 1 x Windsurfing Mast Base. Tendon joint provides excellent performance and is easy to replace. 360 degree swivel Base. Material: plastic, stainless steel. Wooden Toys. Wind Up Toys. Preschool Toys & Pretend Play

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Windsurfing Mast Extension Rod Extender Base Mount Adapter Fit for SDM Thick Masts 35cm for windsurfing, sailboard and surfing water sports. £84.59 £ 84 . 59 FREE Deliver Goya Windsurfing Mast Base Pro. The Goya Base is a One Size Fits All system it protects the mast base, the board and your feet when the mast slams down. if you need any dimensions please ask condition is used. Details: goya, base, system, mast, fits, using, urethane, tendon, screws, standard. Heckmondwike F2 MASTFUß WINDSURF ~ BASE PIN WAVE POWERJOINT F2 SURFBOARD MAST FOOT WAVE POWER-JOINT (BOGE)The new rig components use, among other things, the HD full-metal housing for the best resistance. The Base Pin has the most widespread universal Euro-Pin system and therefore fits on all common boards Mast Extension Rod Base Extender Adapter Rope Kit for RDM Windsurfing Equipment: Description: Performance aluminum alloy windsurfing mast extension with rod and base mount adapter. Universal fits standard RDM mast rod. Strong, corrosion-resistant and durable. Attached with high strength 1.8m nylon rope. Great gear accessories for windsurf.